About… “About”… hmmmm….
I think I’m funny, so I try to add in some humor here and there. And I think I’m finally coming to think I’m fairly smart too. I’m a character in development; having suffered what psychologists would probably label “regressed;” other times I feel fixated. But every day I’m thinking of the things I went through & how to get past them into a better place. Most days I think I come out just a tiny bit better; some days a lot better. [more at bottom]
But enough about me; since I’ve found the work of the Meru Foundation, I can see only subjects in third-place, or fourth-place!! You may’ve heard of it – you might’ve heard it was evil {{not-quite gematria, not quite Kaballa}}. I used to think it was evil, because that’s what some person said when they first told me.
Now I think it’s probably the place where mind meets matter{!!}… and powerful forces want it for themselves. I will continue to try to learn more about it, and share it as best I can. [Torah letters are geometry+ &… {I think I have no words for this!}] youtube.com/watch?v=NnwmiT4VsdM

[Sorry; no “sharing buttons” here – those places are evil!]

edit: I know, I know, “tell me more.” And I’d like to, but I’ve done it here and there so many times that I’m about out of introductions. If I do any more, I’m gonna run out of nice things to say, and all you’ll have to read is about my daily boring life & struggle to see through a gloomy outlook. (Or I can tell you things I’d rather you didn’t know.)
I’m a child of the 80’s, 90’s, & 00’s. I grew-up on running around in some small woods, looking at a friend’s dad’s Playboys -n- drinking his drinks (not-so-many of either, though), and running. Running was pretty-much all I had; thinking I was dumb & ugly, poor, unwanted, etc. I lived for a long-long time, (since I was about five) thinking Mom was a foot from the door – about to run out and away from me. I spent a lot of time at the window, waving goodbye as she went to the store, wondering if she would come back. (Dad was already gone; went to war when I was a baby, I think. All I know is I grew up waiting for him to come & be my good strong dad.) That never happened.
A few more stabs to the ego and depression found me early in H.S. This just about did me in a couple of times. Now I’m fighting-back with various positive psychology books & stuff.
I like just-about anything to-do with nature & science, but science won’t conquer nature – we’re millions-of-years away from that door.
I like lot of different kinds of music, from Metal to Bluegrass. I write poetry once in a while, and have a few I’m quite proud of. -nuf? good. go home. hug your kids. take them to the park & teach them about trees & clouds & rocks & bugs. 🙂
:A list of my pages that I think are the more-important ones:

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