Today was a good day

– Today was a good day; I guess. Six views: (two people from my whole country in the whole world) viewed my page; (this includes my friends & family, I’m hoping)! – Work went okay; So I’m working-hard, wanting to get more parts out quicker – come to a point-in-the-road: I gotta hit “this” small […]

Confusion & chaos at work, (etc.)

Confusion & chaos at work it seesm [see-what-I-mean]; running about 5 very-similar part parts & pieces, “part #XYZ-7143,” “part #XYZ-7135,” “part #XYZ-7685,” “part #XYZ-1714,” etc. in various crossed courses amongst the piece part assembliture process(es). Then I ran into a bad tool, (one that’s been “sent-to-be-fixed” about four-or-five times now in the last-year maybe). I […]


– “ISIS,” or “Isis”? (Who’s steering the drone?) – Heard a song today from singer – calls himself “McCoy,” about being able to smell pigs from a mile away, (which really isn’t all that hard, realistically); and “radio edit” are not all-that-great words of wisdom. – ROFLMBO!!!! the sun: – I AWWed so-hard […]

A “meh” day

Had a dream I was playing football with soem H.S. girls, (& guys). At one point, wasn’t sure if I should tackle [“touch”] one of the girls, so I just “daintily” picked her up, at arms-length, and body-slammed her! . Messed-up at work: parts came in backward; may’ve made a a diff. Anyway, I caught […]

Work, and not-work

Got off work yesterday, had to get to bed real soon; got up too early; got no nap before work; forgot two important work items; had to clean up brother’s mess; had to dig car out of snow; small breakfast; had to wait on traffic for four-&-half full minutes at one stop sign; following slow […]

work & weekend

Work was a job today; started out with pieces that needed to get the holy tar smacked out of them, (hitting at about 95+% of my strength), to get them to fit. It was wearing me down fast! I thought that if that continued for the rest of the night then eventually I might-as-well be […]

soon: Sat (17th Jan) … Kid Inventors’ Day

– Uhhhh…. O-M-G?! – and that’s how little dogs lose noses; or heads – lol – almost genius – WIN! – plot twist: glass – LOL – “art!” – lol Iron-Man needs to get to work – wow – words have meaning? (…or not?) – news […]

“cat” … “cat”

Jacques is a Parisian 50 years old homeless man well that escalated quickly lol His face is gonna freeze like that! fish The extinguishing of an adjacent universe (ROFL) (plot twist: real baby){“flying baby, balloons, Asian Jesus, wheelchair,” etc.} lol school for the geniuses you’d eat that? […]