– Changed tagline from -(I know it’s a minor change)- “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.” to: “It’s always darkest before the searchlights turn on.” (May soon change to: “They say, ‘We are what we eat,’ but we still call ourselves ‘human.’”) – Got this song stuck in my head: about a young […]

Thanks, Thanks, and more; Thanks.

– Thanks for: thought-up a (another) grrreat marriage-proposal. (Not that I really really needed another grreat idea; God!)(What I really need is a g.f. or [how-many is possible]! amiright?) – Thanks for: a nice free sauna! (hot -n- humid today!) (might-as-well see it as a free sauna; amiright?) – Thanks for: two good-bad (ingeniously-devious) ideas […]

new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby??)

– Is this the face of the new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby?!? 🙂 ) – “The spice must flow” ~Princess Leia – “adults” – This poor kid just can’t stay standing – ROFL – Does Everything Living Have A Long Slender Gooey Twisty Parasite Living Inside Of Them?!?! (NSFH) […]

AWWW, poor dogs Russian model vaccines plot twist

– AWWW! blindfolded kids searching for their Moms (it’s a commercial – beware) (such a cute headbutt) Admittdly, feeling their hair is a little cheating, but it’s still pretty cute. (As-always, note the commercial sad/sappy music making you feel sad/sappy!) – poor dogs think they’re going to the vet… – vaccines save. Plot […]

She will be missed, (I hope).

– Sad sad sad. She was such an eloquent young girl. Touching. Killed for speaking-out? – “How to Focus and Pay Attention – Memory & Learning – School Class Studying Subconscious Mind” Let me think out loud here: one important factor in critical thinking is trusting your gut instincts. A lot of times […]

Cosmic-sized mistakes, etcetera

.Cosmic (mistakes): ..”false phase state” wrong; if it is a PART of something, (even an even-larger-universe, multiverse, plane-of-existence, or dimension), it has connections; call them laws or natures or realities. There is no unbreakable code. There is no “alone.” And if it breaks, the pieces can be found and fixed. ..”a 2D person”? But […]

An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin

An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin (Sadly, we still need the message today) . – ROFL (that was pretty mean) – Oh…dear…God…Almighty! “I don’t think it’s one of mine.” !! – scared Syrian child – carousel orary! – pliars – Nanotube replica – boo-ya college money […]

Confusion & chaos at work, (etc.)

Confusion & chaos at work it seesm [see-what-I-mean]; running about 5 very-similar part parts & pieces, “part #XYZ-7143,” “part #XYZ-7135,” “part #XYZ-7685,” “part #XYZ-1714,” etc. in various crossed courses amongst the piece part assembliture process(es). Then I ran into a bad tool, (one that’s been “sent-to-be-fixed” about four-or-five times now in the last-year maybe). I […]

Another Day

– Emmet’s Cube Gears – old guy ping-pong trick – goat physics, lol – well that explains how you see out of that thing – Aaaaand face-first – I’ll accept it. – “Should have ducked.” – Now wait just a gosh-darned-second/minute/hour(!!) Why is there someone (anyone) BEHIND HIM?! […]