One-more (for the road)

– I had to ask myself today a serious ontological question about why I would say to myself, “I have to go to the bathroom;” when I was already in the bathroom. – testing: “my comments”? – The other “game of inches”! (an inch to the right! / an inch to the left!)(don’t […]

She will be missed, (I hope).

– Sad sad sad. She was such an eloquent young girl. Touching. Killed for speaking-out? – “How to Focus and Pay Attention – Memory & Learning – School Class Studying Subconscious Mind” Let me think out loud here: one important factor in critical thinking is trusting your gut instincts. A lot of times […]

Another Day

– Emmet’s Cube Gears – old guy ping-pong trick – goat physics, lol – well that explains how you see out of that thing – Aaaaand face-first – I’ll accept it. – “Should have ducked.” – Now wait just a gosh-darned-second/minute/hour(!!) Why is there someone (anyone) BEHIND HIM?! […]

links, thanks, quotes, etc.

– Heard on NPR about those cops in Missouri laughing about Michelle Obama’s high school reunion picture (actually a topless [well look at the ratings] African lady in National Geographic). Now I can imagine it, and I can imagine laughing. But I guess there are two kinds of laughter; one is definitely laughing-down at someone, […]

This is important I watched this video & the video of the children, (or some of it), and I believe the children are telling the truth; I’ve been through sexual abuse, and from how I see them talking & acting, (little subtleties; or large counterintuitive ones), I see them telling the truth. . Links: – “Publicly shaming […]

A “meh” day

Had a dream I was playing football with soem H.S. girls, (& guys). At one point, wasn’t sure if I should tackle [“touch”] one of the girls, so I just “daintily” picked her up, at arms-length, and body-slammed her! . Messed-up at work: parts came in backward; may’ve made a a diff. Anyway, I caught […]