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Not-Art: My non-drawing: Two siblings are arguing with one another… Mother over-hears the words, “I hate you!” Mother chimes-in & says, “Children – that’s an ugly word. We do not use the word hate in this household.” Sibling calmly corrects themself: “I abhor you!” American Idol: “You must put your own bend on the songs […]

An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin

An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin (Sadly, we still need the message today) . – ROFL (that was pretty mean) – Oh…dear…God…Almighty! “I don’t think it’s one of mine.” !! – scared Syrian child – carousel orary! – pliars – Nanotube replica – boo-ya college money […]


-Quotation: “We have to call it ‘freedom’: who’d want to die for ‘a lesser tyranny’?” ~Mignon McLaughlin The Neurotic’s Notebook p76 -Quotation: “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” ~Thoreau -Quotation: “I think my government are fascists. I feel that if we don’t change from a society that worships money […]

work & work & play

Pretty hard work day; working very fast. It’s interesting that sometimes when you keep telling yourself to try & go faster & faster & a little faster your body will automatically do something that speeds-up the process, & you’ll be like, “what was that?” And sometimes you gotta use yer brain; like, I have a […]