Today was a good day

– Today was a good day; I guess. Six views: (two people from my whole country in the whole world) viewed my page; (this includes my friends & family, I’m hoping)! – Work went okay; So I’m working-hard, wanting to get more parts out quicker – come to a point-in-the-road: I gotta hit “this” small […]


– Changed tagline from -(I know it’s a minor change)- “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.” to: “It’s always darkest before the searchlights turn on.” (May soon change to: “They say, ‘We are what we eat,’ but we still call ourselves ‘human.’”) – Got this song stuck in my head: about a young […]

One-more (for the road)

– I had to ask myself today a serious ontological question about why I would say to myself, “I have to go to the bathroom;” when I was already in the bathroom. – testing: “my comments”? – The other “game of inches”! (an inch to the right! / an inch to the left!)(don’t […]

Nothing exciting here: (sorry)

– Haven’t been up to much…watching utube vids on the dangers of CERN opening a portal for the devil. Seems legit; with that uberscientist talking about becoming a God, and those dancers dancing like that! What a weird video with that mist & flying people – in a science video!? – Listened to some Country […]

Thanks, Thanks, and more; Thanks.

– Thanks for: thought-up a (another) grrreat marriage-proposal. (Not that I really really needed another grreat idea; God!)(What I really need is a g.f. or [how-many is possible]! amiright?) – Thanks for: a nice free sauna! (hot -n- humid today!) (might-as-well see it as a free sauna; amiright?) – Thanks for: two good-bad (ingeniously-devious) ideas […]

new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby??)

– Is this the face of the new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby?!? 🙂 ) – “The spice must flow” ~Princess Leia – “adults” – This poor kid just can’t stay standing – ROFL – Does Everything Living Have A Long Slender Gooey Twisty Parasite Living Inside Of Them?!?! (NSFH) […]

Sharing cuz I care

– share this if you have a birthday! – ooh – catfight!? – cute self-boop! – plot twist: last 7 digits of pi are 1234567 – Hard to see. (I’ll bet you can’t)! – very lucky girls – almost decapitated! [Edit: SFW] – This story ends well! Doesn’t it?! […]

AWWW, poor dogs Russian model vaccines plot twist

– AWWW! blindfolded kids searching for their Moms (it’s a commercial – beware) (such a cute headbutt) Admittdly, feeling their hair is a little cheating, but it’s still pretty cute. (As-always, note the commercial sad/sappy music making you feel sad/sappy!) – poor dogs think they’re going to the vet… – vaccines save. Plot […]