She will be missed, (I hope).

– Sad sad sad. She was such an eloquent young girl. Touching. Killed for speaking-out? – “How to Focus and Pay Attention – Memory & Learning – School Class Studying Subconscious Mind” Let me think out loud here: one important factor in critical thinking is trusting your gut instincts. A lot of times […]

Slow Wednesday. (This is Thursday?)

– WOW!! Thanks, Canadians for all the views & checking out a few links, even! I hope you got some good info from the links. (And thanks for the snow.) [Turns-out I have relatives there? I once went there for a family reunion,,, worst.trip.ever… was just like being at home, (same landscape, same landscape, same-dang-landscape […]

This is important I watched this video & the video of the children, (or some of it), and I believe the children are telling the truth; I’ve been through sexual abuse, and from how I see them talking & acting, (little subtleties; or large counterintuitive ones), I see them telling the truth. . Links: – “Publicly shaming […]

links & thanks

– “Gravity,” sir. the other “up,” I.Q. 252, and descending… – that kid needs a hug, and an appearance on a talk show (do that when she’s 18 – she’ll remember) – awww; she doesn’t care – Einstein reincarnated – cat!! – lol, that one’s been a long-time-coming – […]