A “meh” day

Had a dream I was playing football with soem H.S. girls, (& guys). At one point, wasn’t sure if I should tackle [“touch”] one of the girls, so I just “daintily” picked her up, at arms-length, and body-slammed her! . Messed-up at work: parts came in backward; may’ve made a a diff. Anyway, I caught […]

Couple of – we’ll call them “interesting” happenings lately: A: Went to a church the other day; asked a few questions, got a few … what I’ll callĀ  “answers” (“answers” is kinda a heavy word… how about “data;” as data gets added into an ongoing equation to a question that may never get arrived-at.) Once […]

vending machine dreams (daily prompt)

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/vending-wishes/ Aside from the obvious, I don’t care much for what they can sell me from vending machines; so long as they can fire it at me at 60-80 MPH, (preferably at a distance of more than 20′)! And while we’re calling this entry “vending machine dreams,” and we’re getting closer to a dream/technology meshing, […]