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LIKED: https://funhumormeme (.wordpress.com)/2015/01/31/let-me-just-saw-off-this-branch-one-handed-15-up-on-an-old-ladder-with-no-safety-restraint-wcgw/ RE: …near a burning fire, in a national forest, with an electric chainsaw, with a full bladder with a film-crew rolling? Nothing’s gonna go wrong here! (Aaand that’s how you stub your toe!) . LIKED: https:// (wordpress.com)/read/blog/id/81831446/ “The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman” RE: FINALLY a (good) list I […]

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Not-Art: My non-drawing: Two siblings are arguing with one another… Mother over-hears the words, “I hate you!” Mother chimes-in & says, “Children – that’s an ugly word. We do not use the word hate in this household.” Sibling calmly corrects themself: “I abhor you!” American Idol: “You must put your own bend on the songs […]

Today was a good day

– Today was a good day; I guess. Six views: (two people from my whole country in the whole world) viewed my page; (this includes my friends & family, I’m hoping)! – Work went okay; So I’m working-hard, wanting to get more parts out quicker – come to a point-in-the-road: I gotta hit “this” small […]

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http://61musings .com/2014/06/10/not-inspiring/ RE: I’ve thought about this recently. I’m glad her dad said that, and I’m glad this lady talked about “inspiration-porn.” And I don’t think it’s just about “inspiration;” in a lot of ways, we’re comparing ourselves to others – trying to get a better view on our lives – when maybe, maybe we […]


– Changed tagline from -(I know it’s a minor change)- “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.” to: “It’s always darkest before the searchlights turn on.” (May soon change to: “They say, ‘We are what we eat,’ but we still call ourselves ‘human.’”) – Got this song stuck in my head: about a young […]

One-more (for the road)

– I had to ask myself today a serious ontological question about why I would say to myself, “I have to go to the bathroom;” when I was already in the bathroom. – testing: https://clydelied.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=my-comments “my comments”? – The other “game of inches”! http://imgur.com/gallery/wNjcy1D (an inch to the right! / an inch to the left!)(don’t […]