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RE: …near a burning fire, in a national forest, with an electric chainsaw, with a full bladder with a film-crew rolling? Nothing’s gonna go wrong here! (Aaand that’s how you stub your toe!)
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RE: FINALLY a (good) list I can read on one-single-page!! http:/ /vod24hr.com/the-31-realest-tumblr-posts-about-being-a-woman/
https://throughacounselorseyes (.wordpress.com)/2015/01/29/the-rivalry-of-your-elements/
“Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgements wage war against your passion and your appetite.”
RE: Nice quote; reminds me of this one: “Reason tells us that money will not buy happiness; passion says it will. Reason tells us virtue is its own reward; passion demands more. Reason tells us passion will be our undoing; passion replies that reason is cold and dead. Both seem to speak truth, so we listen to both, and remain neurotic.” ~Mignon McLaughlin – The Neurotic’s Notebook {a book chock-full of her great quotes}
https://gjhughes92 (.wordpress.com)/2015/02/01/social-networking-makes-me-angry/
RE: “People keep trying … politicly inclined .”
HA! Tha’s pretty-good there!
https://gjhughes92 (.wordpress.com)/2015/01/31/im-not-ok/
RE: I don’t know much about college trigonometry or college French, or college – but spelling mistakes would be the least of my concerns; especially with a spell-checker.
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RE: If someone needs a place to stay, it seems perfectly resasonable to ask someone without them thinking you’re out looking for sex. This whole world seems extremely off-balanced; no need to blame your own choices for sliding down a muddy hill. As the song says, “Your choices are half-chance.”
I remember Pink singing her song “Perfect” a victim blaming herself; “Why do I do that?”
Take care.
https://nubianqueen836 (.wordpress.com)/2015/01/31/a-random-thought/
RE: Reminds me of the quote, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” ~Nelson Henderson
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RE: Nice! I wonder if we ever “share” a truth.
P.S. May I save a copy of this poem/page for a post-Doomsday CD or DVD? I figure this is good-enough to include in a compendium of helpful society-rebuilding informatics. (Or maybe a Zombie-Apocalypse-Thumbdrive – someone may find it nice to run-into a nice sentiment while running for one’s life; right?!)
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RE: People usually want most is whatever they think they need especially if they don’t have it. I believe “safety” is one of Menkov’s(?) list of the few primary needs.
https://jonrappoport (.wordpress.com)/2015/02/04/breaking-cdc-vaccine-whistleblower-given-immunity-to-testify/
RE: Title now seems misleading; there was no debate from which to flee. “Vaccine Pusher Flees from Infowars Debate”
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RE: “Now kiss”!
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RE: You work for… Wow, man! I LOVE Cracked columns; except for the inevitable “list of 5 things – conveniently separated into two pages. Whatever happened to Craptions!? Those were the BEST!
P.S. Did I mention I love cracked columns? In fact, thanks to your link, I’m there now; I may never return. In fact, I haven’t even blinked in 6 days. Someone please feed me. Or my hamster.
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RE: Have you tried sitting on the floor in front of the couch? Were-I-a-better-me, that’s what I would do. Sitting Indian-style would probably be much better for the hips as well.
“Stooping” or “bending” doesn’t seem like too-much of a hurdle, one can alternate squatting or kneeling.
RE RE: You’re welcome. Hope it helps. (I also just watched a vid on sitting. He suggested when sitting there to sit on a pillow and have another behind your back; apparently “hunched-over” can stretch the spinal cord, pullin on the brain & leading to headaches & numb fingers!)
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RE: What?! No Katy Perry?
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