Chilly weather, Not-Art, etc.

– SO happy! I beat the other guy on parts! Why I’m happy?! Cuz he’s got a machine that’s faster than mine, (~25-35% faster) 😦 . And every-dang-day I go in and struggle to keep up! And I finally did it.
– Gotta keep up with the paperwork at work, but no clock to make hourly notes on “what” was done “when”. (Gotta walk-over & check it.) Still, I’m usually really good at checking-in every hour, (usually within five-minutes), & keeping-track, (one of the guys gets a laugh out of it, at least). The other day I mentioned it was time to mark-down any progress, and he looked at his phone & the time changed right then! 🙂 (That was when I wasn’t even “feeling it” well that day; I just somehow checked then cuz something inside me said to!), it was a good day for that, even-though I wasn’t feeling it like usual. Today was definitely-not! (I know, I know; it sounds like I’m boasting. I don’t think I am; there are times when I’m way, way off. I just want to share something I think is interesting, and I’m happy I can do it. And honestly, I think I’d rather be able to fly or dodge bullets, but who’s giving choices on the matter?)
– You know you’re getting lazy when you don’t even want to pick up the food, “I just wanna eat it; not lift it to my mouth & all that!”
– I was gonna put up some vids or links to not-well-known but great bands: Mudvayne, Alice In Chains, Primus, Type O-Negative… (So there you go.)
– Awesome – it’s not even Tag-Team! (this is where ninjas will shine!)
– If I said, “Nice form,” would you hold it against me?
– Kinda chilly here today; people dressing in layers. My eyes apparently aren’t as good as they used-to be; so I’m thinking I’m looking at this lady wearing a shirt that is 3-inches-too-short, 3-inches of bare-waist-line, 3-inches of granny-panties (pulled-up-too-far), and pants that need to be pulled-up 3-inches! Turns-out she’s wearing a blue shirt, tan-shirt, white-shirt, & stretchy-pants.
Not-Art: Had an idea for a battle: Bat-Man VS sleeping-Thor!! Thor’s burglar-alarm goes-off, and he quietly grabs his giant war-hammer Mjolnir & throws it– “screeeing” across the room & hitting the off-button. He opens an eye & takes a look at the previous minute on the security monitor to see Batman sneaking-up on him. Then Thor watches as his mostly-sleeping self sits-up & yawns – stretching-out his arms & accidentally connecting with Batmans jawbone, twisting the poor Dark-one’s head around a few times! Thor slumps back to sleep. [Next-down in our perilous series of eeries: “The Spider, Man.”]
– Listening to the radio: seriously thought I heard them talking about “eye-sockey”!!! (cuz this is the world as it is in my mind, I guess!)
– Ooh – like rugby with baseball bats!
– Today I’m thankful for: Getting to work on time.
– I’m thankful for: Got about enough sleep.
– thankful for: a small idea.
– thankful for: a comfortable shirt.
– Here: sit and think awhile!!
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Edit: Also pretty-thankful for: a couple good clowning ideas or two 🙂
Also pretty-thankful for: remembering a couple good clowning ideas or two 🙂 (cuz I was too-busy working at the time to write them down)