Today was a good day

– Today was a good day; I guess. Six views: (two people from my whole country in the whole world) viewed my page; (this includes my friends & family, I’m hoping)!
– Work went okay; So I’m working-hard, wanting to get more parts out quicker – come to a point-in-the-road: I gotta hit “this” small piece very hard right-here where I’m holding it! RIGHT…THERE, (where I’m holding it!!) [taps fingers in anticipation… “I can do this…”] WHHAPP! 35-40-degree-angle – right down under the side of my finger!! (-~2mm clearance!!) [“woohoo!”] (Don’t want to do that too-often – the clearance is not big-enough to hit every time; takes a bit of luck to hit it, and I’m not always that lucky!)
A few missteps here and there: boss wanted 50-some parts, (was that 50 MORE parts or 50 total?!” Other guy laughs at me, (he likes to laugh whenever possible), {Oh, this conversation again?}) Then we were to start another part… but wait – they’re not prepped right; try this other part. Oh those parts are nowhere-to-be-found; try this other part! Then get back to that first part; turns-out they were prepped-right: we were wrong about that. Did you try that other part again that wasn’t found? Yeah, oh that’s still not findable; try this part. Minute-later: time to go home.
– probably-nearly every.single.drop.of.rain;ever!!!!! (needs more zoom)
– I keep hearing this new Navy commercial… “watching terrorists from 10,000-feet in the stratosphere.” [I think that’s still in the troposphere; anyway…] And I’m thinking, so they’re prolly watching some playground and calling them, “terrorists” cuz of the all-inclusive terrorist watchlist and the Project-Planet-Terror and all that jazz. The announcer drones-on with his “best” booming voice about building schools &/or playgrounds in some poor foreign country; I’m wondering why we have to blur the lines of “warrior” so we’re more acceptable running our tanks through their fields & towns. Where has honor gone? Is it honorable to be a warrior? Seems like it was, but was this just more propaganda they fed me when I was young? [Reminds me of an idea I had about landing / trying to land on an aircraft carrier: how about a couple of periscopes a bit out of the sides of the helmet for enhanced 3D vision?]
..And I keep thinking about the time I heard that Russia has been attacked many times in history. Well, yes, that does set a lot of precedence upon being a warlike country, but at some point you have to stop and see that you’re now a very big country, and maybe to not step on the other smaller ones now.
– 35″ – I’m guessing that’s “DD”? (cute way to draw that!) LOL (and a 33-inch-diameter spine!?)
– maybe practice when the barrel’s not hot!?
– That’s “brain-power” for ya
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