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http://61musings .com/2014/06/10/not-inspiring/
RE: I’ve thought about this recently. I’m glad her dad said that, and I’m glad this lady talked about “inspiration-porn.”
And I don’t think it’s just about “inspiration;” in a lot of ways, we’re comparing ourselves to others – trying to get a better view on our lives – when maybe, maybe we should be facing the fact that our lives do suck.
Good video!

http:// arablit(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/06/request-for-submissions-your-favorite-arabic-literary-quotes-in-english/
How I first heard this: “Sell your cleverness and purchase awe.” I think that was Rumi, but the first time I saw it, it was being attributed to Viktor Frankl.
“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” ~Rumi
“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~Rumi, as interpreted by Coleman Banks
“And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.” ~Rumi
“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside!” ~Rumi
re: {not Arabic}
re: Oh?! LOL Well then I guess I wouldn’t know one if it bit me!! I tried, and it is one of my favorites. Good luck finding what you’re looking for.

http:// richardacross.com/2014/09/05/how-do-you-deal-with-criticism/
RE: Just found this tonight: “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” ~Rumi

LIKED [A.I.] http:// rulerstothesky(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/06/fast-losing-ground/
LIKED [home gym] http:// fitworlds(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/06/15849/
LIKED http:// jungleloo(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/05/its-amazing/
RE: Seems at those times I think maybe my thoughts were off-balance; while reveling in getting what I wanted, I couldn’t see what I needed.

LIKED http:// dailypost(.wordpress.com)/dp_prompt/digging-up-your-digs/
LIKED: http:// gabfrab.com/2011/03/18/my-nineteenth-birthday/

LIKED: http:// mythicsoulblog(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/11/do-you-have-a-dark-side-working-with-your-shadow/
RE: I’d suggest to read “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford.
Interesting to find within yourself things that you might hold against others, &/or fear to be seen as-having such traits yourself. Forgiveness of self & others, and “combatting shame”/”facing guilt” are crucial.
I don’t know much about regular therapists, but I don’t think one would need a Transpersonal specialist to help.

LIKED: http:// bigredcarpetnursing.com/2014/09/16/10-things-to-stop-doing-today-to-be-happier-backed-by-science-the-buffer-blog/

LIKED: http:// amplifyvoices.com/about/
LIKED: http:// amplifyvoices.com/2014/08/22/they-dont-care-if-we-live-or-die/

LIKED: http:// dailypost(.wordpress.com)/dp_prompt/soulful-machines/
LIKED: http:// en.blog(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/09/fight-for-net-neutrality/

http:// smellslikestrawberries(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/03/letter-to-the-archeologist-of-2500-from-the-girl-in-2014/
RE: From AstroArchaic81293b: |subtime IPI reply| \-500 earth-year\ You’ll be pleased to know that we have been learning about your ways for some “time” now [LOL SWIDT]:
Four paper fragments have been found and microscopic sweat/oil smudges have been analysed for biomarkers codified & chemical ion half-life structures identified. {Nice handwriting, btw.}
Lines on bedroom doors are rumored, though none have been proved. It is an interesting sentiment. We’ve estimated your approximate total height, (based on earth-gravity simulations & the several-thousand of your philoprogenitae). As for the diary flower, yes, it is doing well. We had to xenoreplicate only a few parts of the genetic structure, but it now makes a decent nightlight.
We hope you find it well that your skipped heartbeat was NOT missed! We were able to locate its electro-cardio output frequencies quite-well preserved in the cold-voids of inter-galactic space. You’ll now know that many have shared your experiences. And your lifetime of heartbeats is known to many.
No earphones have been located, and this is probably because of the anti-earphone aliens, yada-yada, I guess you already knew that.
I can relate to your bio-illnesses – a few times have I known them and their little pleasantries. We spend most of our time fighting the ravages of sub-space frequency modulation, nano-particulate DNA-infusions/contusions-&-confusions; as well as a plethora of cyber-virus dangers inherent in cyborg encephaloid functionalities {eep}.
We’ve heard the conversations amongst the electro-acoustic-waveforms emitted by the myraid devices in your presence; only (relatively)-recently did we find alterations in electrodynamic reactance to periferal audio waveforms. We’ve heard your concerns, joys, & shames. And we’ve heard you share them with your loved ones.
While we can “experience” the life you lived quite fully, we do regret that you are gone, and cannot share in a full inter-engagement with us as we are now. As we do have powerful insights into what you consider to be your own closed-off species of individuals, we would have liked to know you each personally.
re: [They liked it] [ 🙂 ]
RE: Sept 24. Your message finds me well, and makes me weller! Yes, “making years” is one thing we do aspire-to. I’m very-glad to finally have succeeded! 🙂 Very pleased to hear it very-well-received with all the screaming & running!! 🙂 And here I thought the message was ignored; time-dilation gets me again! (summer gone already, as-well.) I hope your family enjoys (enjoyed) it as well. 🙂

http:// thegadabouttown(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/03/daily-prompt-a-1000-year-project/
RE: (“aboot?”) & the “Great Vowel Shift” – that’s great! I was just thinking the other day, someone saying to someone else (who was about to put their waders on near the sea), “You’re going to need a bigger boot.” {Jaws reference, LOL}

LIKED: http:// butterflywingsandsparkleythings(.wordpress.com)/2014/08/22/nature-as-artist/
LIKED: http: //butterflywingsandsparkleythings(.wordpress.com)/2014/08/24/beautiful/
LIKED: http: //lydiansanyu(.wordpress.com)/2014/07/24/35/

But why would a man defile his own daughter??
http:// lydiansanyu(.wordpress.com)/2014/08/24/44/
RE: It seems to me that people are being squeezed into smaller and ever-more inhuman constraints. Our natural systems are being eroded from under us, and our most sincere relationships are being frayed. With ever-increasing complexity in society, we loose sight of all the things that are effecting us. We feel pushed and pressed from directions we cannot actually fathom. It is becoming only easier to seek & hold what little visions of small truths we can glimpse; which is increasingly-more just our own little personal, selfish worldly body.
A quote from Sunitha Krishnan: “My challenge has not been the traffickers who beat me up… My biggest challenge is society. It’s you and me.” It is hard for many to believe that they are an important part of other peoples’ lives; difficult to believe that our heartfelt yearnings deserve and need to be worked through our bodies, & into the lives of others. We feel little power to move through the world, and so we come to believe that we are morally small. So we grasp for the things we are told are of more value than us; anything that glitters: the youth, the sparkly diamond, the energetic iphone.
My first scientific guess at stifling a rapist would be castrating one testicle. But that is no real help to an entire world amuck in its mire. Here in America we cry about female genital mutilations of 10-year-old girls in Africa, yet ignore the millions of male infants circumsized without anesthesia here, (I wonder what ungodly horrors it creates in such a newborn mind, and what thoughts it opens up). I suppose we see some of those thoughts now being brought in through their grown-up actions.
RE: Sept 24. Castration: I’m very-much against any physically-damaging people. But I just found this a place to say it for once. (I’d read that it would lower a rapist’s probably-heightened testosterone levels. And I figured to just take one – in case the guy really-was innocent!)
I agree about abusing one’s own child! I’ve always imagined parenthood to be a blissful empowering protective feeling, (for the most part). But people do have minds with real frailties, and in this society, weaknesses are being pressed. I have a lot to learn about people.

LIKED: http:// tnkerr(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/22/daily-prompt-flash-talk/
LIKED: http:// smellslikestrawberries(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/22/my-teacher-is-crazy/

LIKED: http:// itsblogginevil.com/2014/10/04/2014-halloween-commercials-2-geicos-its-what-you-do-a-texas-chainsaw-reference/ [“Let’s hide behind the chain-saws.” “Everyone run for the cemetery!”]

LIKED: http:// thinksafetyblog(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/21/seal-survival-guide/
LIKED: http:// thoughtfullyprepping(.wordpress.com)/2014/10/03/7-food/
LIKED: http:// thoughtfullyprepping(.wordpress.com)/2013/03/24/tough-times/
LIKED: http:// cristianmihai.net/2014/09/18/the-wall/#more-5648
LIKED: http:// cristianmihai.net/2014/09/12/art-obsession/#more-5616

http:// journalitico.com/2014/10/18/damnit-russia-stop-moving-towards-natos-doorstep-wait-what/

http:// humblesnaps(.wordpress.com)/about/
unsure of the difference btw “filtering” & photoshop, but to me, filtering & b&w creates too-much a contrast; I think would look better if b&w parts were maybe just diminished colors.
https:// humblesnaps.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dscf1248_fotor.jpg This one is okay, due to the busy-ness of the b&w parts, (not “motion”… “content”).

LIKED: http:// theyerevanunderbelly.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/national-security/

LIKED: http:// girlmeetsw.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/bullshit/
RE: Yep; B.S.
But we don’t HAVE to work so-many hours a week; we CAN work a few fewer. We CAN maybe make a career of doing something we already love to do every day.
It is a piece-of-crap society, but it’s not yet a birth-to-death outhouse pit, (not til you sign all your rights away to that face-page site).
re: A {http://girlmeetsw.wordpress.com/}
I agree- I think…

LIKED: http:// decanteddesign.com/2014/10/19/korean-american-artist-timothy-h-lee-uses-watercolour-httpwww-sabrinaamrani-com/

LIKED: {404} http:// kurtbrindley.com/2013/05/18/emergent-2/
It could shift its attention, mentalize, tempt; lie-in-wait, evade, hunt; propagate, breathe, create.

LIKED: http:// kurtbrindley.com/2012/06/29/english-is-for-everyone/
http:// en.rocketnews24.com/2014/11/04/misleading-packaging-strikes-again-iphone-cable-unexpectedly-comes-up-short/

http:// billfuckinmurray(.wordpress.com)/2014/11/03/windy-norway/

http:// theserendipitymemoirs(.wordpress.com)/2014/11/03/lena-dunham-is-a-pedophile-huh/
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RE: Don’t know who she is, (never watched Girls or 7th Heaven), or what she did. I’m only about 2% sure she did it; if you ask me, things like this are just payment to get into the hollywoodtown elite-elite, (you’ve seen movies about “getting into a gang”); (IDK exactly how or why, I’m only solving for n) [but see Vigilant Citizen for clues].
Kinda surprised to hear people are defending her! Glad you see this as an equal-opportunity event; as obviously poor/males are usually the ones to go to jail. Things like this could just be the tail-side of the women’s lib coin. (Did they actually think it could even-out that easily in a complexicated, messed-up, bank-driven society as this?!) [Or maybe it’s the “education,” the “medication,” the “nutrition,” or Satan. Like I said, I’m just solving for n & x & y.]

LIKED: http:// theserendipitymemoirs(.wordpress.com)/2014/09/17/why-people-were-upset-about-songs-of-innocence/
LIKED: re: ccchanel41 says: September 17, 2014 at 11:42 pm “Oh I had n…”

LIKED: http:// dealingwithlupus(.wordpress.com)/2014/11/10/6-days-in/ (good diet)
LIKED: http:// autonomousoutlook(.wordpress.com)/about/

http:// acuriousmind2013(.wordpress.com)/2013/09/22/this-is-no-ordinary-apple-snow-white/

LIKED: http:// theothersideofugly.com/2014/11/18/time-had-run-dry/
LIKED: http:// daniellecontinues(.wordpress.com)/2014/11/28/depression-anger-and-fear/
RE: While reading: “…is his way of speaking” I was remembering reading about some African women who don’t try to teach their baby to talk for the first year, so they can concentrate on learning the baby’s body language;

LIKED: http:// rachelrecaps.com/2014/11/27/thanks/

LIKED: http:// johnhively(.wordpress.com)/2014/11/12/it-isnt-a-secret-why-common-core-standards-were-created-or-is-it/
LIKED: http:// bellejar.ca/2014/11/25/on-ferguson-the-system-isnt-broken-it-was-built-this-way/
{http:// bellejar.ca/2014/11/25/on-ferguson-the-system-isnt-broken-it-was-built-this-way/comment-page-2/#comments}
RE: “It Was Built This Way” Interesting, it reminds me of thoughts I’ve had recently – that the black singers who use the N word so so often are doing-so bc that’s how they really feel deep inside; it’s becoming automatic (just like their ancestors in chains), only this time the chains are invisible, indivisible. And who is really in control of this other than the predominantly white/rich – we who can afford the luxeries of daydreaming, war-by-proxy, & assumptions of safety?
I don’ think “start[ing] again” is plausible. We aren’t on “the inside” any more than Joe Wong in a Singapore gutter. When you personally have about 19 million follwers 1,000-of-which are in government/Fortune-500 leadership who aren’t in-it to spy on you, then I think that can be said. We just aren’t relevant to those in power; except to twist our “rights” or “votes” or children into another of their profit-churning gears.
“We need to listen, and…” !

http:// spanishwoods(.wordpress.com)/2014/04/30/native-first-generation/
RE: Didin’t read yet: gotta think about getting out into the real-world, as it must be, at-least ten-feet away from this monitor; coming-up on what must be hmmm “six-hours-now.” Maybe I’ll read it later.
For now I leave a thought: on “split personality disorder” – I wonder what strange mental aberrations are lurking, mushing-around in the subconsious souls of we privileged who never consciously think of what in the real world of such a schism of hearts & souls exist. What unheard laments must our own deep minds contain? Is is true that we have lost our souls to the malaire? I think we too suffer; we marvel & value our mechanical terrors & self-centristic mores – with our eyes at the top, we’ve forgotten that the roots connect us to the rest of life.

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