– Changed tagline from -(I know it’s a minor change)- “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.” to: “It’s always darkest before the searchlights turn on.”
(May soon change to: “They say, ‘We are what we eat,’ but we still call ourselves ‘human.'”)
– Got this song stuck in my head: about a young girl in a torn household “…and like it always does – the bad just got worse, with every slap, and every curse…” and she’s hiding behind the couch. And the first time I heard it, I got hopeful because the notes being sung start to rise when he starts a new verse, and I think I’m hearing him sing about “the dream king,” but it turns out that he sing saying “the drinking.” And then the dad kills her mom; then himself.
So now I’ve spent the last couple of days with those feelings stuck in my heart. It’s hard to believe there are kids out there that grow up without “kisses and hugs every day.”
– ROFLMAO!! “tag. “tag.” “tag.” “tag.” “tag you’re it.” (or: “guten-tag”)
– double-dribbling kid is better than me!
– happy pic
THANKFUL-FOR: decent weather.
– Thanks for: I went to a health-food store and asked the attendant if they had any soap nuts. She looked at me like I was asking her for a personal favor! lol
– Thanks for: work going ok, but now my muscles are screaming at me; they want heavier lifting! (Hope it wasn’t that crappy-tasting drink from the health-food store!!)
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