One-more (for the road)

– I had to ask myself today a serious ontological question about why I would say to myself, “I have to go to the bathroom;” when I was already in the bathroom.
– testing: “my comments”?
– The other “game of inches”! (an inch to the right! / an inch to the left!)(don’t over-think this.)
– puh-leeze – enough with the nose-rings! “This is where yer boogers come out!!”
– I wonder, sometimes, how did she know there was “a storm coming”?
– TIL mosquitos bite?
– here: sit and think awhile!!
– Changed tagline from “Not all protesters are rioters.” (And not all rioters protest.)” to: “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.”
– Was thinking about the differences between liberals & conservatives; as always, trying to understand everything… when I thought: “liberals think: ‘everyone needs to be free’ and conservatives think: ‘everyone needs me, [and my rules].'” Did I get that right?

“Whosoever is afraid of submitting any question, civil or religious, to the test of free discussion, is more in love with his own opinion than with truth.” ~T Watson

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

– Thanks for: At least one store that was still open (on the other side of town) had Ding-Dongs.
– Thanks for: Finding someone’s glasses before they got ran-over.
– Thanks for: Got some weed-eating done. (and boy were they delicious!)
– Thanks for: up-all-night, sleep-all-day
– Thanks for: beautiful blue & blue & blue!
– Thanks for: and purple 🙂 (but let’s be honest: who has a leg that skinny?!)
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