Nothing exciting here: (sorry)

– Haven’t been up to much…watching utube vids on the dangers of CERN opening a portal for the devil. Seems legit; with that uberscientist talking about becoming a God, and those dancers dancing like that! What a weird video with that mist & flying people – in a science video!?
– Listened to some Country Music today; had a couple thoughts stem here and there:
A: I know this is shocking, but ever wonder why these Rap, Rock, & Country songs always refer to the females they’re interested in as a “girl,” “little girl”, or even “baby girl;” Garth Brooks’ had a song, (“Calling Baton Rouge”), about a “woman-child” (or some curious combination thereof). This, if I recall correctly, is differently in Metal songs!
B: In some religions, they say they should ‘work their way into heaven.’ I think that maybe it’s good to work hard for your God, but not to get into heaven, but as a thanks that such is possible; maybe even guaranteed. As I think I put it in shorthand in my notes: “not ‘in-order-to,’ but ‘because’.”
– 9/10 would shoot their friend in the forehead with it
– Commercial-makers (mind-control experts) are getting better at their wares: Lady doffed her top today & all I could think was: “Oooh boobs – gotta be some ‘Calvin Kline jeans’ around here somewhere!”
– !?VSTOL?!
– “Eeeediots!!” bunny-hop a forklift?!
– lol – Australian tea party
– I had a thought the other day; that when something happens to/for/bc of us and we might think that’s a lucky thing or a temporary thing… but if it’d been someone else, we might’ve attributed it as something much more positive for/about/bc of them. So there’s something new to add to my list of filters to think-through and make sure my thoughts are balanced and I’m not cutting anyone short – including me.
– Song: “Lessons Learned” – Aaron Lewis (meh, ok)