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RE: Ecsqueeze-me?? … “Lite Salt”?! … dwaa???
Nice page here. I’ve been making my own “homemade gator-aid” for years & I can usually drink it about ten-times as fast as any store-bought stuff – and this is without even trying!! (I haven’t tried hay-switchel yet)

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RE: “lambs’ legs” LOL
I used to wonder if the “family-order” of “buffalo wings” came from an actual family of chickens. (I never ate any.)

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– 4/5 Stars

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RE: Oh I forgot to admit that the last birthday present I picked-out & helped buy for a young girl was a pink (Miss Piggy) kick-ball. 🙂

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RE: “if she should get her hair cut” ROFL I don’t blame you!!
Good luck with your gifts. I hope you make the most of them.

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RE: Didin’t read the whole thing – yet. (Debating going to bed)((yes, “debating”))
“…same as the US has done by supplying arms…”
Yep, I heard an interesting talk on Coast To Coast AM soon after the downing of the flight. The speaker bringing-up the sinking of the Lusitania in edging-on one of the big wars, I think. And questioning why-in-the-world a passenger jet was flying over a war zone (when the pilot requested against it). And you might think the soldiers might know the skies well-enough to tell the difference between a passenger jet and a military plane.

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“These differences are not the problem.”
It’s not what is given to us, (our natural abilities & limitations), but what one does with them & how we improve ourselves & help others.
“…instead of celebrating our differences, we [are] overcome” !!
“…claim that differences don’t exist, that we are all equal, and scorn anyone who says otherwise…”
We somehow feel our own lack of strength & power, then fear any threat to that playing-out. We base our safety on equality & rights, thinking that an even-playing-field should do it for us. I too think that “we are all one, equal – at our most fundamental core.” Worthy of respect, and not wonton cruelties. I think it is good to try to explore our motives find our inherent self-favoritisms – and look-again to see how others may share important likenesses or differences.
That’s all – I have many tabs to get through!!

http:// thetruthyoualwaysknew.com/2014/06/01/mind-control-reality-cant-be-unseen/
Hi Cassandra. “Who?” I think it would be “as many people as possible.” (eventually) But for-now, probably just the upper-middle-class & military/police & possibly religious uppers as well.
“Why?” I’m thinking is just to get more control; more ease at the helm.
I think it could seem “channeled”, look up “Voice-to-skull” technology. With all we know about electromagnetics, ULF & UHF frequency effects, etc. etc. I see little reason to think this is not entirely possible, though obviously hidden – no one wants to let everyone know that they are completely defenseless.

http:// peoplestrusttoronto(.wordpress.com)/2014/07/13/massive-ring-of-powerful-elite-mps-ministers-now-being-investigated-for-child-abuse-occult-rituals/
“…up to 20 MPs and Lords…”
And this is from only one investigator; how many could he really investigate?

http:// notabowlofcherries(.wordpress.com)/2014/08/16/76/
LIKED: “You can only lose what you cling to.” ~Buddha

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RE: Yes, that’s the trouble with searching for the truth… what to do when you find it’s a bigger dog than you expected! The truth includes “the whole truth,” and “nothing-but the truth.” A lot of searchers are gonna have to abandon a lot of nice, cushy daydreams; myself included.

http:// shtfartofwar(.wordpress.com)/2013/11/18/the-divide-between-survivalists/
“… ‘adapt to’ and ‘flow’ with the new culture…” I can appreciate that, I think. It’s a whole nother dynamic; less-obvious, less-Hollywood. Thank you.
One of the things I remember most reading way-back-when about buggin-out, (wanted to mention this somewhere tonight), is the effect of specifically a woman’s attire on making a first-impression in a new place. (Not that I plan on buggin-out any more; just sayin’.)

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