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RE: wow!! (would liked to’ve seen the “before” first)

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RE:Very nice!
Could’ve done without the necklace – at-first I thought it was another one of those tats; could always do w/o the tats &/or jewelery.
Nice reflection, and would’ve been nicer in her other pic to have the moon in focus.

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RE: Oi! Those green suits sure don’t leave much to the imagination!

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RE: “two narrators”
Misunderstood… gives me an idea… (since just having-read your latest page about your daughter weight-lifting &/or writing) [Loved the “That’s because they’re pathetic losers” quip!]
You said she was a good writer; how about you come up with a general idea for a story and you share this idea with her, you both write different versions – sharing some of the same plot-points & such.
I’ve always wanted to see what different writers/singers could do with the same starting-point.
Or have two narrators within the story, wrtitten from different viewpoints; whether they know of each other is up to you I guess.
RE: Yeah, I was young once too. Though as I was imagining it, it was only a 1/2 collaboration; maybe 3/4 collaboration. But at-least the idea’s out there for someone.

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RE: Wow – “It was nothing.” Nothing and defensiveness! That’s low – much lower than I’d thought our society to be!
I think I’d differ on boys “conditioned to believe he is because he is.” I think boys are taught to work and buy; these “jobs”… “astronauts, doctors and vets,” are just one-dimensional aspects of that. They’re not encouraged to vote, or really think, or lead anything other than a corporation, or a line-of-tanks into a small foreign village. It’s a pigeon-hole as well; though, yes, maybe a little more room inside – to lead a small family or-so.
On the google-search: I’ll call it “When a search is not a search” http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/05/22/pariser.filter.bubble/index.html
“The consequences of living in a bubble are becoming clear. Left to their own devices, [automatic] personalization filters serve up a kind of invisible autopropaganda…”

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RE: I think this page nailed-it: “Pointless Shame: The English-Speaking World’s Issue With Women’s Breasts”
“At first my female classmates sunbathed in the American style. 45 minutes later they said to hell with it, took their tops off, and left the guys feeling slightly awkward and titillated for about 5 minutes, when everyone’s notion of normal re-calibrated. That’s how fast the mental adjustment happens.” ~Conor Friedersdorf
I’m also reminded of these great campaign posters https://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/breastfeeding-campaign-posters-stir-online-controversy-190307806.html Sad.
“The world’s most hyper-sexual media…” that brings up a good point: maybe I should look into watching the “topless weather channel,” [noting those who fund it], or something natural; seems to me that the only time I’ve ever seen boobs was in intentionally-sexualized schemas; usually something being sold. So maybe a little proactive psychological recalibration would do some good!