“Slow news day” (except for the unreported wars, killings, & lootings)

No; I mean it’s a slow-news-day in my life. I went to work: ‘bam.’ There you have it.

I’m trying a widget so you can see my “likes.” A list of them pops-up at the bottom of individually-viewed pages, (not on my main page where there is a long, never-ending viewing of my pages). I’m also trying to get my “About” page as my starting page (for the long display of pages), but when I tried that, then all you could see was the About page, and nothing else. So I’ll try something else.
On my About page I’ll put a link to my other significant & helpful pages here, like a list of my comments on other pages, (like I said, “significant & helpful”).

– What-the-heck did I just watch!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkJAEUb_ZBE

– You know you’re going bald when facial-recognition software tags you in “glare” pictures

– so this is the official view of the back of the toilet paper roll? http://i.imgur.com/BBSFtmY.png

– Snakes are ticklish. (I mean “snakes tickle.”) You learn something new every day, eh?

– I smelled a flower yesterday & walked away realizing that I might now go smell another flower & like a bee or something, end-up pollinating it!

I’d better go. I got another slow-news-day planned for tomorrow.
I’ll leave you with this – so much emotion! LOL! great photo! every kind of face possible! http://imgur.com/gallery/1hZtBsT
Copyright 2015
[edit: and now I’m having trouble getting to own About page, so here it is: https://clydelied.wordpress.com/about/ ]

2 thoughts on ““Slow news day” (except for the unreported wars, killings, & lootings)

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my Unofficial About! This brought me to your blog and I absolutely love your sketchy balloon and grey design. Gorgeous!


    • Thanks. I figured-out that you were replying to someone else. Yeah, I saw the balloons & was instantly happy; I really like when they move past each other, but I don’t know how to make that happen all the time or if the designers want it that way.

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