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Thought of something funny the other day: “My girlfriend broke-up with me, and drove-off as far as she could – with my car. (I’d seen it all coming and filled-up the gas-tank yesterday!)”

Okay I’ll say it: “Happy Mother’s Day.” (there I said it.) (You can’t make me smile though!) 🙂 (dang-it.)

Heard a song on the radio tonight from way-back-when…(5th grade?); then I wondered if it was 7th grade … then I wondered why it “felt” like there was a 10-year difference there (in radio-years – I’m usually dead-on when remembering the years that a song was on)! (Must’ve been some crazy times!)

WoW! – Teachers & parents say the police (leaders) forced students off buses so they’d look like rioters so they could turn on them!? http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/04/how-baltimore-riots-began-mondawmin-purge

Woke up with a neat little quote in my head that a Dungeons & Dragons player would like. (How-or-Why, I don’t know.)

Can visitors to my blog see my comments on other pages?
I hope some readers come to my site to hear what I personally have to say. Sometimes I say things on other peoples’ pages. What’s the best way to let them read my replies, (and know what I have “liked”)?
Should I write it out on my page or link to it on my page? Or is there like an automatic way – a special page like a stats page for visitors?
I don’t know; so here are some of my replies & “likes” (It’sa start)
Sometimes comments are not “allowed” to be posted. I don’t know why or why not. Could be 1,000 reasons; maybe it doesn’t matter. But I wrote them; believe I meant well with them. You may like to know your author’s thoughts & opinions. (Sometimes replies are marked as “epigene2”??)
RE: I had second-thoughts on saying this, but here it is anyway:
“STOP publishing … these killers.” [Interesting sentence – I immediately-thought of… oh, so-many Presidents, etc.]
“Let’s celebrate…” [Wonderful thought. I wonder, also, about what kind of person Eric Harris was before they pumped him full of mind-altering Luvox, & MSG, etc.]
Aren’t Jerusalem & D.C. two of the three most-dangerous towns in the world? (IN THE WORLD!) Maybe they could NOT go there, spending their ever-aggrandizing dollerz. (Leaders just love them dollerz!)

RE: Who was it who said, “What is used to conceal is used to reveal”?
(Interesting idea for the pictures)

epigene2 on May 25, 2014 at 9:18 pm said:
RE: Good reply, I see why deleted. I was also thinking along the lines of “Seriously? The *biggest* problem…[is how women dress to go out]?!”
Hadn’t thought about the rest [boys wearing skinny-jeans don’t get asked to go change], but I think you’re right. And, yes, if a male teacher did ask him to change, he might get called a perv. It does seem to be a skewed/tilted system.

RE: A good deal of them seemed tame-enough to just want more context. But I think the pictures were worth a thousand lyric-bits.
And I wonder how much of the book was toned-down to make it more agreeable.

RE: “In polite society porn is given it’s own little corner.” Just wondering, what if polite society changed a little to include positive-possibilities for public sexual intercourse… [i.e.]”…conversation,” that-is; (of course). Maybe that could include soft-porn, or lite-porn – (outside the scope of commercialism, of course)!
&@ Tony Single … LOL
(P.S. And if I face-plant into one more surprise-online-Yoga-instructor ipso-facto reminding me to “sit-up-straight”… anyway, I know what you mean here…”people.”)

koel03041995 May 5, 2014 at 4:13 pm
RE: “…no male equivalent…” Because society is apparently run by men at the top who decide that women will not be at the top; nor will men who question this.
“are men even actually objectified?” Men are objectified as the pretty-much the opposite of women; question this, (as always), “at your own peril.”
P.S. Love your pic!! http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/b5f0e5adb7603c7600d11189a95776ff I been looking the past couple days at the “dark-matter / dark-energy” theory in the universe, and wondering how much of ourself is made-up of the stuff – perhaps our subconscious soul? Much to ponder.

Helen O’Shea ~ WAP May 12, 2014 at 3:58 pm
RE: “no longer able to speak out…” Yer on the World-Wide-Web! Imagine things 100 years ago sitting in a dirt hut out on the plains dodging arrows & dust-storms!
“…perceived and marketed constantly…” I think a missed reply opportunity I had the other day will suffice right here: maybe give guys the chance to objectify you, …a quote I cannot find right now… something about, “allowing others the right to think-as-they-will about you.” And if they fail in that cosmic duty to find a balanced, wholistic, & strong way to relate to you, then that will be their-loss.

RE: What I read: “Once you accept … feel no attachment.”
What I thought I read: “Once you accept that time is ever-changing time is useless,”
What I thought, & felt: “no continuous time, …only the present moment and … its gone” Seems like she’s conflicting herself – oh-well, doesn’t matter… “All that there is, is now.” If all that there is is now, then, “Here I am.” That’s a real-nice feeling!

Re: Awesome!

“LIKE” http://nicolesgetfitblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/struggle/

RE: “Freedom & responsibility.” – (Still looking to break this false-dichotomy)
A person will become “responsible” when they simply see that they are cared-about – that you care about them; not as a cog in a caste or high-government-position or sex or creed; or what kewl new cell-phone you got. Only when they see value in themselves will they know that they can risk that value in a venture for change – knowing they will not be forgotten.
“Freedom as a synonym of growth,” (just a new avenue of thought; no new opinions yet) [“freedom – what to do when you get there?”].
I’ve too many questions about the nature of conscious thought to put that on one’s responsibilities of thought/action – especially when billions or trillions of dollars are actively used in the field of neuroadvertising.

“We all know children … we model.”
RE: I think that’s just about the number-one lesson; they’re learning what & how we truly feel & secretly fear; how we cut others down, & hold ourselves back. I think it was Brene Brown who said, “You can’t give to them what you don’t have yourself.”

RE: Strauss and Nietzsche were secretly theists?
Why do we always want what we ain’t got? Choose one over another, and we lament. We trade one “established article” to create another. Do we only philosophize and freeze our living thoughts into stagnant words in hope that others may cling to them and hope they do our worldly work? Instead, we fail to bring our soul thus into the world; we let others counterfeit it.

RE: “…the strong shouldn’t prey…” Maybe a “truly-strong” person would find their hidden strengths – seek to make bonds. Even the natural tree fights the natural poison ivy vine, & the nature of gravity. What use is the word “natural”?
“…we are perfecting ‘man’…”
We are changing ourselves, yes. But if we measure in only one or two directions, surely we fail to respond to the myriad ways nature will press & strain us, (see our devolution of the English Bulldog from robust sporty creation to a creature with a severe underbite, bobbling gait, & breathing problems).
“Evil is the flip side…” I’m more interested in the edge [edit: “edge of the coin”]; forget the false dichotomy.
As-for the original usatoday document, I read it and wonder, What if there were no sun, moon or stars to gaze out at & wonder? Would we be stuck here in perpetual, hourly wars? What if there really were 983,479,834,759,780,451,918,327,409,713 different dimensions of time-space or space-time? What would -it- I mean? Would it really matter if all my hard-fought opinions & lessons were simply one of a serial reiteration of reckoning? Does it mean something that “mean” can be a numerical “middle”?
Does it all come down to which dreams, (balloons) do I dare to breathe into existance?
(P.S. http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2008/07/reconciling-evi.html is 404.?)
[here? ]

poem Rated: 4/5 stars

“Like” http://modestessays.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/the-waiting-game/

“Like” http://gabrielalebaron.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/let-others-follow/
RE: So often I fear or even flee adversity. I wonder, even instead of fighting & overcoming it, what would it be like to blend with & dance with it.

(Well this is just a start. Maybe I’ll put these on a separate page.)
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