Thanks, Thanks, and more; Thanks.

– Thanks for: thought-up a (another) grrreat marriage-proposal. (Not that I really really needed another grreat idea; God!)(What I really need is a g.f. or [how-many is possible]! amiright?)
– Thanks for: a nice free sauna! (hot -n- humid today!) (might-as-well see it as a free sauna; amiright?)
– Thanks for: two good-bad (ingeniously-devious) ideas that I’d held quietly for several years, that someone else finally put out there.
– Thanks for: can’t keep those dandelions down! 🙂
– Thanks for: had that “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle” song in my head (that’s pretty-much the only part I know): thought-up a good party idea
– Thanks for: thought-up an A+ joke (A+ graded on my curve)
– Thanks for: outstanding movie idea yesterday
– Thanks for: a crappy idea for a music video
– Chloe Grace Moretz – I like that last spin
– “Chloe Grace Forgetz” lol
– nature hunt!! (camouflaged animals)
– dog + kids = lol
– homelessness not solved
– !!! (notice the wind at the start!)
– 1998 “Bill Phillips” “Who’s the perfect bodybuilder?” contest There’s a VHS video of this out there somewhere. I think it’s worth watching. Started out as a bodybuilding contest with a Lamborghini as grand-prize. (So many people entered & did so well that the Lambo was sold to buy several winners also-nice-cars) One of the few things I do remember is that some of the poorest-performing competitors were the ones boasting the most about their results. It may’ve been mentioned that this compares to the toughest-talking hikers usually complaining the most when all the hikers have the same load.
– Decent day at work; not terribly-exciting work… but I think my hurting body part is beginning to strengthen & heal. (Either-that or my fingers are hurting from all the very-hard-pressing that is done!!)

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