new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby??)

– Is this the face of the new Gerber Baby? (or the Schick Baby?!? 🙂 )
– “The spice must flow” ~Princess Leia
– “adults”
– This poor kid just can’t stay standing – ROFL
– Does Everything Living Have A Long Slender Gooey Twisty Parasite Living Inside Of Them?!?! (NSFH) (Or: MRW seeing the thousand clawlike feet of a centipede falling – now inches in the air above me – twisting-mid-air, each nulti-jointed leg turning in dozens of different directions at-once; goosebumps all-too ready fanning-out with static-electric fervor to intercept and cradle its bristling grip clenching with zipperlike quickness. An immediate frantic race – it barrels in blind fright through the forest of wire-taut feeling, screaming human hairs – into the only opening in my clothing, then down, down, across & down…. Oh it missed! I get to live another day now.)
– Science! – I’ve recently been wondering about the Gaia hypothesis – that the Earth is literally alive. Some of the things I’ve been adding-up are the vast networks of water tubes (down-to the nano-scale) throughout Earth – water being very good at moving electric signals, kinda like a brain. The ever-present & vast forms of life within that water. The intricate web(s) of life – with some lifeforms living among, on, or even within others; some with symbiotic relationships.
– I’m Thankful for: seeing the full moon popping up behind the trees.
– Thankful for: the fire being basically three beautiful blue-hued parts.
– Thanks for: a nice Bluegrass song. (Have I mentioned my recent thoughts on “Country Music”? Note to “Country” musicians: If your band doesn’t have a banjo or steel guitar, but does have a set of drums & electric guitar(s), has an “80’s Rock-N-Roll” feel to it… well I don’t care how-far out in the sticks you live, how-many “cowboy hats” you got hangin in yer closet, how-many “country” stations play yer tunes: you playin nothing more than [1980’s era] Rock-N-Roll. You been Rick-Roll’d.) (And “Rap”: well that’s just Electronica, bordering on Industrial, with TONS of mind-kontrol repetativity [hey look it up!].) [edit: Note that I think that “Rap” music has a lot of wonderfully-creative musical bits – but those bits are far-too-short &, like I said, mind-stuntingly-repetative. (and they use the “B,” “N,” & “F”-words ad-nauseum! {Christ, people – get a life!})]
– Thanks for: fresh violets, dandelions, & garlic mustard.
– Thanks for: good atlatl practice
– Thanks for: a bird getting the cat snack (who-wants-it?)
– Thanks for: forgiving-thoughts
– Thanks: boss said he wants “1,000 parts” (a Herculean-task); an hour-later I find myself being directed to the cardboard bailer – not-conducive to a thousand-part shift! (Oh well; just sayin’. Unforseen events do happen. I work hard at the job regardless. I got people’s family medical cares to fund, right?)
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