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– Water – so relaxing I love how the light is already there; showing the refractions in the water! Here’s a brainbender – what is that thing to the right, mid-background, the black stringy thing just behind the fence? (And what is the red thing?)
– LOL – thought of this today while at work!
– boop!
– Ummm, that may be a killing blow. It’s probably good to seek professional training. [Edit: By that, I mean: a pro will help you understand the legal & moral responsibilities of knowing how to kill or maim; I would hope.] “Don’t learn the tricks of the trade; learn the trade.”
– LOL He looks so majestic – why are they running?
– LOL (can read his lips even though his eyes say it all!!)
– stuck pixel!
– Bravo! (Well-said) – “not an apopleptic mess,” like I’d be
– I’m thankful for: made it to work on time, even though new way-out-of-the-way place had me juking for time!
– I’m thankful for: bought me & Mom some stuff
– I’m thankful for: freebies
– I’m thankful for: good ideas for video & movie-making (no good plot-twists though)
– I’m thankful for: choosing Balloons theme by
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