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– share this if you have a birthday!
– ooh – catfight!?
– cute self-boop!
– plot twist: last 7 digits of pi are 1234567
– Hard to see. (I’ll bet you can’t)!
– very lucky girls – almost decapitated! [Edit: SFW]
– This story ends well! Doesn’t it?!
– Story ends well? 🙂
– Islam training starts young!
– that third one… but in space, THERE IS NO “DOWN”!
– Amazon job tales:
…Uh…reflective safety vests? …Seriously?!
…#9 So TAKE ONE – or do Death Stars set-off metal detectors nowadays? [Edit: just making a funny joke. Don’t steal. (I mean, you wouldn’t download a Deathstar, would you? …Well would you?!)]
…”5 minutes left” they would NOT! No human would do that to another!
– 5-y-o girl made to wear pants under long dress … bc her shirt has spaghetti-straps?! “…how hard it tries not to say what it actually means…” Makes me think of the quote: “Rules are made for those who cannot think.” [Edit: Actually I think it makes me rethink the quote into: “Rules are made by those who cannot think”]
– “People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society.” ~Jason Read [HA! I was having very similar thoughts recently as well. I keep hearing about these new psychology experiments that end up saying that people just basically scratch their own backs, & whatever they do, they do it for their own genetic ego; I just wonder then if that’s true, then there’s no real reason to follow the leaders as they’re not really in it to be public servants either.]
– Not a great day for me: woke up early, did buy a couple nice things, barely got to work on time, boss had me do something in another, (related), department with “lots” of paperwork & “several” dozen different meaningless numbers which apparently do not cross-reference into any book. Got confused when the two or three different orders I was working on had one very very similar part & one exact-same part; or maybe I was making two different orders at the same time & didn’t realize this; or maybe it was some of the other paperwork that was pre-finished so I got the numbers mixed-up prematurely. Anyway, I spent a lot of time trying to figure things out, a little time backtracking & undoing. I feel like I contributed nothing today. To be honest, numerology is not my strong suit; I only have about five/six-full-minutes of training in some of the specifics of this paperwork – (and most of that was months-ago). I only made a couple of small mistakes; one of which was not-knowing where parts can get stuck while measuring/cutting – even if you’re very careful. (A lot of my time was eaten-up when machine A started cutting parts all willy-nilly…. 5mm too-large or small & such… this happens after moving the sensor a mere millimeter! It is not hard to move it “a single millimeter” for God’s sake – then each and every time after that, it starts cutting 5 millimeters off!??! I finally figured out a great guess as why it would do that, but to no avail.)
– Was thinking about Star Trek: The Movie (1985?) Anyway: 2 things: A: The sounds really made the movie; whoever did the sounds for all that stuff deserve a big award! And B: I’m glad they had a Star Trek where James Tabitha Kirk isn’t the end-all be-all hero.
– Changed tagline from “What’s so civil about obedience, anyway?” to: “Not all protesters are rioters.” (And not all rioters protest.) (Could be a temporary change.)
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