AWWW, poor dogs Russian model vaccines plot twist

– AWWW! blindfolded kids searching for their Moms (it’s a commercial – beware) (such a cute headbutt) Admittdly, feeling their hair is a little cheating, but it’s still pretty cute. (As-always, note the commercial sad/sappy music making you feel sad/sappy!)
– poor dogs think they’re going to the vet…
– vaccines save. Plot twist: mercury kills. (vaccines: TIL about fetus-parts therein) I recall one lady’s worrying that when she took her child to school & such that her immune-repressed child could get sick; I wanted to just say, “wait-a-minute and tell that story again… You took your immune-repressed kid out… Lemme get this straight… You knowingly took your immune-repressed kid into a room chock-full of… You know what – never mind.” I just have one question for you about the fact that your Doctor probably DOES NOT WASH HIS HANDS [research it now] after/before … {drops mic.}
– You had me at “bare Russian model”
– This model… a “figure for women {& young girls} to hope & try & cry & die to physically emulate”, is probably a man (see this vid: ) Why are they trying to do that?!?! It’s like, right-out-of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; only worse.
– I’m thankful for: burger not on the menu; got it anyway
– I’m thankful for: singin-along with ICP’s “The Neden Game” with one of the girls at work ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
– I’m thankful for: kicking a few rocks & stones up a hill. (When they all get to the bottom, the world ends. Drink that in)
– I’m thankful for: the owl outside hooting
– I’m thankful for: genius idea: “double your snakes” (put a mirror at the back of the cage!)
– I’m thankful for: I think my fast-twitch muscle fibers are starting to outnumber the others: could hit the ‘down’ buttons on the machine at work, then touch the press (as I was grabbing the part) before it could rise.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ~Albert Einstein

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