Short & sweet

– Another happening at work – hard to put into words… hard to even think about it, it was a bit shaking to the id. Was working as usual; hard & fast, when one of the overlings came near to work as well, when suddenly I heard myself think, “Am I in the way?” Of course I wasn’t; he was two-maybe-three feet away and not getting any closer. But I was aware-enough to feel where the thought came from… it was very deep, and it a big thorn in my self-worth, “am I in the way?” As if I have no right to be there. As if I have little value at all. I was subtly stunned, & took several mintures to walk around and catch my bearings. I remember seeing all the little cracks in the concrete floor for the first time; they looked like they were almost 3D – crisp, alive. I should have seen them before.
– the little voice of consciousness: that still-small voice {note to self: “voice” – not “vice”} in your head, could it be the little bitty patch of “consciouness” scientists recently found? In the hundreds of millions of years of advancing & contracting civilizations, shifting systems & handlers of controls & values, beliefs, trusts, & abdications, could this be the result of a vast array of subtle, “mind-control,” (i.e. suggestives, [or in fact, “control”]) techniques squeezing a whole brain-mind into the size & scope of half-a-peanut – instead of a full brain?! (And knowing the desparateness of the ego’s superiority-complex, even if someone could control another’s mind – even just a few thoughts, the ego would make up a belief for having had that thought in the first place. [There are scientific experiments that give evidence of making-up of false stories to account for mistakes])
– neat: Apache Relay – White Light
– Thankful for: some dishes done.
– Thankful for: a neat idea for a movie.
– Thankful for: an idea for a video.
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