She will be missed, (I hope).

– Sad sad sad. She was such an eloquent young girl. Touching. Killed for speaking-out?
– “How to Focus and Pay Attention – Memory & Learning – School Class Studying Subconscious Mind”
Let me think out loud here: one important factor in critical thinking is trusting your gut instincts.
A lot of times when you’re reading something, you’re also thinking side-thoughts, half-memories of certain words & phrases of what you’re reading; searching different contexts, pulling things apart, reversing & twisting. And there will be an amount of daydreaming. The trick is to be able to listen to that small voice inside that says, “hey.” And if you’re fair with yourself and trust yourself enough, you’ll be able to say: “wait-a-minute” with this set of logically-structured thoughts you’re trying to build & maintain – and if you can admit that maybe you have preset judgements hiding that can maybe change, then you’ll be able to break in there and see that you have a small, (or large), set of assumptions from way-back-when that can be reanalysed and reformulated in a more-balanced way. It’s harder to see your own assumptions than most anything. But trusting yourself is a necessity; you’ve got to be willing to set-aside your ego, (even-if for just a minute), and rethink what hits closest to where it hurts. (There is no “logic,” [There is no logical beginning-point.][There is no “cause-effect,” every cause & effect has several-dozen others.][And “if-then”… there is never an “if” in reality.]) There is no “logic.” Just give your best reckoning. [edit: reckoned again today & remembered that particle/wave duality thing in quantum theory; “if-you-look”. (Though I often wonder if the mathematicians who say that are telling the truth, ‘cuz who’s gonna catch them, and who is paying them to say that?)]
– Was watching “UFC Fighters Train Like Elite Warriors,” which at one point had a UFC fighter going through the woods Marine-style, and he came-upon two marines. The instructions he was given was to commit to taking one out with him; so maybe the Marine coming up next will only have one enemy to combat. So they’re training them to think much like a one of those Kamikaze pilots?! I thought we were somewhere – anywhere – beyond that.
– Can one say; “well duh”? “Terrorism.” or “It’s why they pulled tower #7 on 9/11.”
– “Mitch Horowitz – on Practical Positive Thinking – Change Your Life” – double-bingo on one of his sentences! (I’ll leave you to watch & think-it-through.) {Still can’t figure out what that little red bracelet on his left hand is about.} (mmm can’t find it anyway… I think this is the vid.)
– very neat (“telling”) culture ads (NOW DO ALL THE TOMMY HILFIGER ADS!!)
– This reminded me: “People: they do not count your ‘votes’ any longer; they count cash!” (But don’t count on that truism for any more than a year.) And yes, other people may count your opinions, but who is counting theirs?
– Week’s best in “nature” (NSFG) (Can has cheezburger!)
– Sad dog at the pet cemetary
– She’s happy sad. And I’m happy sad for her.
– If you’re going to go down fighting, go down fighting!
– This: must be in here:
– ninja yellow-belt
– Marionette dog plays ball with kids
– Which one of these is not like the other? (“Which of these is old-enough to vote?”)
– lol Selfie Of The Year 2015?
– I didn’t see it at-first – eye-opening!!
– lol cat tax: circa 1590 A.D.
– Thankful for: the rain tickling my head
– Thankful for: enough warmth to go barefoot
– Thankful for: feeding a homeless kitty
– Thankful for: getting out of town for awhile

“If we can’t connect with each other, we will connect with anything we can find…” ~Peter Cohen

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