I’m trying to say this…

Not sure how to, exactly. I find myself resisting the writing/speaking of it for some reason. It seems a bit silly; childish. But here’s how it went: I was at work doing very-quick, repetitive tasks, so I figured I would work on my physical fluidity/movements, (I come from a sportish background & have found such ‘relaxed movement’ to be very helpful at times). So I’m there working, and telling myself to “relax,” (primarily) every couple-seconds for an hour or two, it seems. When a boss comes over to me & brings me over to one of my previous stations & in terse terms explains my mistake. That didn’t take long, and I went back to work, and this feeling began to seep out – of a time – probably way back in “Kindergarten/step-dad,” (troubled-times – I must’ve felt pretty angry back then). Luckily I had been “relaxing” for hour(s) beforehand, when a very-interesting thing happened… it almost seemed like my third-eye opened! (Not-that I’m thinking it’s that pineal thing in the brain, or anything of an actual netherworld-nexus, or touched-by-an angel type thing [though it came pretty-close to feeling like those experiences as well]) But I have no-other explanation for it other than a third-eye beginning to open!! The world started seeming very different – better!
This could be very very significant for me. Since-then I’ve felt some fairly-profound emotions, (for me): much-less-sexual feelings for women, mourning dead soldiers, & feeling like I deserved to be protected, (which connected to other things being much more valuable)!.
Copyright, 2015