Cosmic-sized mistakes, etcetera

.Cosmic (mistakes):
..”false phase state” wrong; if it is a PART of something, (even an even-larger-universe, multiverse, plane-of-existence, or dimension), it has connections; call them laws or natures or realities. There is no unbreakable code. There is no “alone.” And if it breaks, the pieces can be found and fixed.
..”a 2D person”? But they could smell & hear you. “…never interact with them or not even know of them.” But we conceive of them; therefore we can try to expand our concepts & understandings, search & open new doors – trying what we’ve never dared try before; especially if they wish to help us. Some day we may. (We do have the work of the Meru Foundation.)
..”The man will continue to pull the trigger…for eternity…” So he’ll never get tired or hungry?! This is the problem with science; always beakerizing everything. There are no test tubes in nature. This is also assuming the measuring device is in perfect working order; that the gun won’t jam in opposition to a clockwise-spinning quark; that the man won’t miss /or deal a glancing-blow, or die of natural causes before he is able to pull the trigger; or that our theory of physics is far far far far far far off-the-mark entirely. Maybe this is all just a movie in a dream.
..”Go back in time”?! Instructions unclear; built a shelf.
– “Jim’s sacrificing himself – we’re saved!”
– predator predated (by one big eagle!)
– explain please – I don’t understand why this is funny &/or cringeworthy (
– to fourkingbaker: That’s not much of a plot twist. Oh. Oh! OHHHH!! 🙂 (Now I’ve put a real plot-twist in it!)
– That 7th “gun”!! ‘Simple’ wins!!
– Thanks for nice weather for Easter
– Thanks for a nice Easter dinner
– Thanks for April showers. (And so does Mae – giggety!)
– Thanks for being relaxed.
My thoughts on:
I was going to question “re-telling doesn’t make for a good novel” But then you wrote: “The stronger the feeling, the stronger the writing” So I wonder if it’s just that you’re still “myopic” about such hurtful feelings; I suppose, though, that if I had my arms ripped-out, I would be slow to write about it as well.
“Write what you don’t know,” came & went as another decent line that echoed once as I read other entries; then I wondered if it was more in the searching out where we don’t know, (now I recall a writing seminar about being “vulnerable”). Try on other ideas – go where we feel lost, scared, & really feel like we’re trying to pull-together long-lost hopes & truths. Write about things we don’t have experiences & convention to buffer us – build a world around the shames, fears, and times we’ve given up.
How about this for writing fiction: “write what you don’t want to be true.”
Okay what-the-heck, “Stats-page”… I’ve got zero-views & zero-visitors – but somehow two likes? How is that possible?
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