An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin

An important message, (autotuned), from Charlie Chaplin (Sadly, we still need the message today)
– ROFL (that was pretty mean)
– Oh…dear…God…Almighty! “I don’t think it’s one of mine.” !!
– scared Syrian child
– carousel orary!
– pliars
– Nanotube replica
– boo-ya college money
– It’s been a really weird day at work… First thing was a speech about measuring our parts. So I went to look in the book, and no real measurement there; the one possible measurement that I could make out was about half of what I figured it could be. Then I found about ten parts in a row that were all about 1/4 – 1/2 inch too large that ended-up being “okay,” (I guess they weren’t horribly terrible, but I don’t know “how” they were ok). Then towards the end of the day, we got a different speach about not measuring the parts, which really kicked my ego in the nuts, cuz I was really getting into looking for all the things that could go wrong – all-the-while while going fast. So after that there was a lot of wondering what-in-the-hell was I going to do with all that left-over brain-power?! I mean this is how I stay sane!! Anyway – over 1,000 parts today(!), (and a raise)! (My first thought about the raise was, “now how much faster is this going to ruin someone else’s economic status because of a hyper-inflating fiat dollar?!) There is no winning. Literally.
Spent the shift on a liquid diet, as I took-off in a hurry & forgot about bringing a lunch. Got home and remembered I had a banana & money in a bag; which sucks buttermilk.
Finished some of the most complex parts we have. The guy who started them did not have clue-1 as to what he was doing – because it gave me vertigo just trying to figure-out how to fix & correct the problems. I got help doing that with one of the parts! (This was one of the parts I tried looking up in the books; that did not help; book needs improved chart for such a complex part!)
– A friend came over the other day & came in just as my dog was coughing up a hair-ball. I looked at the dog & said, “Whelp; that explains where the cat got to; darn cat was always hackin’-up hair-balls.” (We’ll label this one under “not-art.”)
– I tried to “press-this”
– saw the sun going down in a nice fiery orange; half-an-hour later, saw the full-moon coming up.
– April showers
P.S. “Hello, India.” Interesting country you have there.
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