Confusion & chaos at work, (etc.)

Confusion & chaos at work it seesm [see-what-I-mean]; running about 5 very-similar part parts & pieces, “part #XYZ-7143,” “part #XYZ-7135,” “part #XYZ-7685,” “part #XYZ-1714,” etc. in various crossed courses amongst the piece part assembliture process(es).
Then I ran into a bad tool, (one that’s been “sent-to-be-fixed” about four-or-five times now in the last-year maybe). I guess it’s partly my fault for not checking it well-enough when I started – but I did take-over from my boss & was assuming he’d checked it; AND even if I did check it, “the problem” was within a millimeter’s measurement, and I’m not sure I could’ve changed anything that, (like, for instance, tapping it into alignment). I did start out making some “bad parts,” (doing as best as I could), but then changed to what I thought was better; fitting the parts onto the tool up against additional ‘stops’ … and sometimes the parts actually looked better. But in the end, many amiss parts! Not so-many in total… it just hurts the ego; I was so-hoping to add that-many to our much-needed total. I thought it was going to make some big diff. I just see a lot of hard-work in there for a lot of long hours – & something just doesn’t seem to add-up right!
[edit: different day…] Saw my boss working some numbers for a few minutes, then he came over & told me I did, like, thirty-hours of work in one shift! (So I got that going for me!!) šŸ™‚
Anyway; better-day tomorrow. Will keep a good attitude & try to keep looking for chances to improve things. Will keep trying to ask questions even though I feel like I’m sometimes asking too-many questions.
– “Mad Max: Fury Road” Looks like another movie overly-tricked-out with fancy little frills, (little metal hood-ornament-type things & such), packed everywhere. IMO
– Neil deGrasse Tyson: “a man so-cool that his analog watch measures space-time!” Anyway; a little more about Mr. Neil the deGrasse Tyson: he said once that “evolution really-is a law of nature.” (or something like that) To-this-day I sigh about it. He lost so-so-much of my science-respect when he said that. There are, like how-many laws of science out there; 6? 7? 9? I’m pretty-sure “evolution” isn’t in the long-list of up-and-coming Laws.
– Listened to a bit of an NPR show tonight; heard what I think was an actor trying to be a singer & the technician & he were trying to (I mean really-trying) to work-out a “No” and they were singing back & forth “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” “no,” in these almost-horrendous slightly-horrific off-tones… bordering on hilarious to listen to; though I guess everyone has a right to want to be a great singer & at the very-least it’s gonna take a lot of mistakes to get some things hammered out… and I think they eventually did with his last (tonally-descending) “no.” So, he had taht going for him.
– And I wish I had an imgur account so I could reply to one of the recent Game of Thrones gifs: “bah – ‘method-actors!'”
– I can appreciate how the big guy feels – surviving those punches/kicks… then he feels suddenly invincible … and that’s what they call “the button”
– knock, knock: “guess-who”
– happy happy doggie(s)
– Earth gears
– “Be this guy” (anti-Nazi) Plot twist: He’s Communist.
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for Imgur
– Iā€™m thankful that the frogs burp til 3:AM… and the birds start to chirp at 4!! Good-grief.
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