Another Day

– Emmet’s Cube Gears
– old guy ping-pong trick
– goat physics, lol
– well that explains how you see out of that thing
– Aaaaand face-first – I’ll accept it.
– “Should have ducked.”
– Now wait just a gosh-darned-second/minute/hour(!!) Why is there someone (anyone) BEHIND HIM?!
web page:
– Today I’m thankful for enough gas to get to the taco bell
– I’m thankful for a taco-like lunch
– I’m thankful for a cleaner kitchen
– I’m thankful for a dream: (two), well, maybe-not actual dreams, but they were on the way to dreamland: first one was a quick feeling of a drop of water hitting my shoulder; as if I was standing & it hit me from above. The second was like a hypnic bang; the sound of an empty pop can hitting the ground solidly, but no bounce.
– Was thinking about those Hampstead siblings for most-of the last 24-hours; wondering if they’re okay, or if they’re still in “protective” custody. Things don’t seem like they bode well for them.
Lots of info here:
I also wonder a little about the headlines; the intricate descriptive details describe some very-dark stuff; you’d think they could come up with a better lead-in than “Pedophile-Cover-up.”

Some good quotations on love, (and/or)…

“I don’t want to live– I want to love first, And live incidentally.”
~Zelda Fitzgerald

“He that shuts love out, in turn shall be Shut out from love, and on her threshold lie Howling in the outer darkness.”
~Lord Alfred Tennyson

“He used to kiss her on her lips, but it’s all over now.”

“Cuando el amor no es locura, no es amor.”
~Pedro Calderone De La Barca

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