“Be careful what you wish for”

Went to bed last night hoping to have one of those rare lucid dreams. First thing in the dream I remember is I’m in a big jet plane & it is falling out of the sky pretty-fast. We’re getting closer to the ground and I can see we’re headed straight for a brand-new great-big million-dollar church. As we hit it, it’s as if we’re going through a crystalline sheet. I figure we’re dead & in heaven now, and my first thought is that I’m no-longer with my Mom, and I won’t get to see her for a long time. After a few minutes I see her again, but I’m mad at her because we were separated. Then she gets mad at me and leaves. (The end)
This morning I put my long black belt in the sink & thought “it looks just like a snake!!” Then I thought, with just a very-thin string & tie it to the door-knob… πŸ™‚

Picture of the Year nominee! http://i.imgur.com/DCoG6cQ.jpg (“snake risks it’s own life to save a drowning fish!”)
LOL babies “Salt the earth!… End his lineage!!” http://imgur.com/gallery/gSaX8xQ
ROFLMBO – falllllling http://imgur.com/gallery/tYRFPVy …No – no…”Haspop!” http://i.imgur.com/Woxp5ZF.gifv
my new home-page http://imgur.com/gallery/brjsjPN
OMG the white puppy licking the lime! http://imgur.com/gallery/tBuka
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