more vision-board stuff; etc.

– believe in endless-possibility of everybody
– be functionally-illiterate in several languages
– Make “science-like stuff” (something like Satan’s Calliope (aka “the world’s loudest thing”), a propeller, a solar calendar, etc.)
– Reduce, then reuse, then recycle
– make a computer program or game
– leave dollars in random, secret places
– leave pressed flowers in random books
– learn basic first aid
– do more landscaping
– share
– garden
– hey look at all that great stufffff!
– Holocaust in America
– And this has got me wondering today; a Wikipedia article on “Learned optimism” mentions a soldier killing some non-combatants & feeling okay about it because of “Learned optimism.” It makes me wonder about our inherent, untaught thoughts/values/reactions & how might they be good-enough for what we’ve been through & are going-through.
– Heard this lady on NPR talking about science Saturday, and she said something like: science isn’t about putting things into boxes; things are connected. And I was just floored – like, if I was there in person I would have jumped-up and cheered & said, “now say that again, and expound upon that idea for a minute!” I think she was from the White House Science Thing; she was also talking about some 19th&20th-Century female scientists.
– Today I’m thankful for enough gas to get out of town for awhile
– I’m thankful for finding a penny in a random place – where I was just-about to leave a random penny!
– I’m thankful for getting-together with family & friends
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