Sorry, nothing here but a few links & laughs.

– Not much to say here now, but this stuff is too good to sit here another day; so here you go. Hope you enjoy.
– 3D bridge
– 70 A.D. coin
– ROFL kitteh side-hop
– ROFL surprise pillow!
– scare got ‘im good!
– lol “four-hours” here, “four-hours” there
– dog digs hole
– AwwwYieaaahh!!
– this… this is way too cute (And dang-it there go all 45 of my best g.f. hopefuls! They’re leaving me in droves! Twenty of them have lept out of windows, fourteen of them didn’t bother to close them afterwards; ten of them dug their way out – seriously the door is literally OPEN …hanging by one hinge and they dug.their.way.out! This leaves one…and I hope she’s simply really good at hiding.){But seriously this is so cute a sis who misses her bro.}
– And get this while you still can! It’s gone from the web page
– Today I’m thankful for getting to bed way too late!
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