Slow Wednesday. (This is Thursday?)

– WOW!! Thanks, Canadians for all the views & checking out a few links, even! I hope you got some good info from the links. (And thanks for the snow.) [Turns-out I have relatives there? I once went there for a family reunion,,, worst.trip.ever… was just like being at home, (same landscape, same landscape, same-dang-landscape look-of-the-locals, etc.) just like being at home but without friends & a home! And no speed-signs to say how-many MPH were allowed!
– Not feeling well today; well-enough to keep away from the face-end of the toilet. Just a little stomache cramp, and some weird almost-out-of-body feelings & almost getting locked into daydreams or memories! Other than that, another long day at work, running low on gas & low on funds. Nearest bank won’t cash the check (not that I really really remember what was said… I just remember driving-up & driving away). And I don’t really know if I want Wall-mart to have my SSN. Oh well, I guess I’ll just cry in my bag of donuts!
– I recently watched a youtube video on “Venus” & “Serena” Williams being born male. I thought for-sure I could resist whatever logic was gonna be thrown around there, seeing as-how they couldn’t even beat the guy seeded #200, (or something like that). But surprisingly, after watching it, and thinking about telling people about it, the words in my head are “these guys” each and every time, without a second-thought about it! The size of their arms (!) compared to the female tennis players, & the torso-stuff… hard to argue against! (Plus the “Michael” bits thrown-in several times were funny.) Then last night I see a nude female torso on Thingiverse, which, after seeing that video, did NOT look like a “nude female torso.” (I’ll delete it ASAP.) I guess there IS an agenda. …Probably-linked to the agenda that brought us the lyrics “happiness is the truth…”, as-though taking government-prescribed happy-meds is going to be the end-all of our free-will; just as “In The Year 2525.”
Another good vid: “Grounded” [edit: “video no longer available”] About the benefits of touching the earth & its negatively-charged ions, (is that right?) or something really neat.
– Today I’m thankful for enough gas to get home
– I’m thankful for thinking-up a really good question; even-if I did forget it
– I’m thankful for getting-through Wednesday
– I’m thankful for getting enough sleep
– I’m thankful for feeling better
– I’m thankful for spaghetti & orange juice, (try-not to imagine them mixed)
– I’m thankful for Twitterers
And I do need to get some more sleep soon, so til next time, “Keep your stick on the ice, EH?” 🙂
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