Sandy Hook looks debunked here

– Sandy Hook looks debunked here; give it a fair shake: Sadly, I think, the evidence still mounts against it being real; {sigh} another political duping. (thank-you )
…@ 26:22 ! Not to mention, “would you put that child on your shoulders to be a stand-out target?!
…Life-time gag orders just for tearing-down the school?!?!
… 45:30-47:38!!! Same victim in two child shootings on two different continents?!
…. info “404” (suspended)
See also: – “Disturbingly Creepy!! CNN Child Abuse Mind Control!! 2015” Look at this very carefully!! I think there are far-reaching subtleties!
– sad dog story:
– “Fit athletes” of various sports how is golf a sport? Actually I don’t even think golf is a real word – more akin to a sound when something gets coughed-up by a dog.
– awww, good dad
– football – fooling four defenders several times; as well as the cameraman!
– awww, you chose wisely
– He’s pulling a “crazy-Ivan!”
– And the “cutest-darned-reaction” goes to: 🙂
3D printing:
– 7-color torus
– water wheel
– DIY digital glasses
– Roman helmet
– Today I’m thankful for dreams sort-of remembered… for awhile
– I’m thankful for did pretty-good at work, I think; many things to do – here & there
– I’m thankful for nachos (not-cho cheese, man! MY cheese.)
– I’m thankful for 3.14 (1:59:26.5) – that’s right – it’s Pi Day! (those scientists sure are geniuses… well, a few of them are. And some geniuses are writers; some of them are prolly janitors too!)
– I’m thankful for making it Pizza-Pi Day!
– I’m thankful for nice weather
– I’m thankful for fog banks – (the only banks you can really trust)
– I’m thankful for a nice sunny breeze
– I’m thankful for idea to play-off-of recent scary movie
– I’m thankful for ideas to implement in my own movie 🙂
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