– Blackwater vs Monsanto: Endgame
– I think Neo said it: “Jesus is that thing real?”
– Do you want to make the Terminator angry? cuz this is how you make the Terminator angry
– 2D circle spring
– triple helix gear
– working 5-speed transmission
– Today I’m thankful for a very fast day at work
– I’m thankful for nice weather
– I’m thankful for a healthy baby
– I’m thankful for a “how-to-learn-chess” game
– I’m thankful that snake-season is almost here
Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage)

!! 16:01 – 16:52 This seems like the “10%-of-the-brain-use”^10!
& !!! 16:54 Good-God, man! You just gained about 89 possible-respect-points! Want to look into this more see if it’s true! Wow! %$*%!@$&_#% that looks like it was filmed back in the 80s. Has it taken this long to get it out?!
but @~22:m he says that YOUR views make YOUR world; then, seconds later, says that the “ILLUMINATI” are “USING THIS KNOWLEDGE AGAINST US…” ?

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