today’s dress color; etc.

– On the popular topic of the dress color: I saw it as both various times, but mostly as white & gold bc of the sunlight over the left shoulder of the dress; (you do see it as the left-shoulder of the dress; no?! They wouldn’t take a pic of the back.)
– A really neat, well-built song; kinda simplistic video Woodkid – Run Boy Run (a song-of-the-week on some WP page I recently visited.)
– An okay song; guy really found his note! (Though not entirely unsure if they didn’t run it through a program to run his voice through a trumpet; I think they can do that now.)
Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”
– Again, Maddie Ziegler’s at-times child-like voice: (Not entirely sure I’m comfortable with a young girl singing about being a “party-girl” & drinking in such a mechanistic fashion [“1-2-3- drink, 1-2-3- drink”]. Then there’s the lyric “here comes the shame,” – ain’t no way in @*!& *@W$&% {freaking heck} a girl that young needs to feel shame about anything like that at all!) I see that recently she apologized for her other landmark video with Shia Labuoff, and that’s really really nice of her, BUT {Behold the Underlying Truth} apologizing is NOT the job of a child! She was surrounded by a multitude of adults upon whose shoulders such responsibilities blissfully slid off.
3D printer:
Tesla turbine (w/o instr.) (be the envy of everyone on the FBI’s free-energy watch-list in your whole county)
– Awe-some!!(to-the-power-of-ten) (Wirelessly Powered Tesla Desk Lamp)
– little lab jack
– Sierpinski pyramid
finger-forks (I would probably make three for each hand at least, and attach them all to a wrist-band)

“Courage is more than standing for a firm conviction. It includes the risk of questioning that conviction.” ~Julian Weber Gordon

“Ironically, the more immune to programming you think you are, the more susceptible you become.” ~Peter McWilliams, Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You

“Any measurement of Nature that smooths out its irregularities in order to allow measurement is not objective. It is, in fact, highly subjective.” ~Buckminster Fuller

– Today I’m thankful for time spent with nephew
– I’m thankful for pizzza
– I’m thankful for a big-screen tv (on-which I still cannot read the fine print in the commercials – so I get a little-better at ignoring & discounting commercials)
– I’m thankful for a decent weekend
– I’m thankful for: got to share a thought about the way death is portrayed in modern movies as-opposed to how death might’ve been viewed by those hundreds of year-ago; not-only speaking of a different world-view, but they also saw the look, sound, and smell of death as it is. Now it’s just another way for the demons to get us, it seems.
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Thank you for not jumping on me about the phrasing, “…needs to feel shame about anything like that…”
I think a better-way to phrase that would be, “she shouldn’t be made to do anything shameful like that”