This is important I watched this video & the video of the children, (or some of it), and I believe the children are telling the truth; I’ve been through sexual abuse, and from how I see them talking & acting, (little subtleties; or large counterintuitive ones), I see them telling the truth.
– “Publicly shaming a child for something that is out of his control.”
– suspense:
– dang-it stop thinking so much!
— (psychopaths literally cannot detect love) [picture]
– DING-DING-DING-DING – we have a winner!!!
– logarithmics escalate quickly!(!!)((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
– science! (now you can buy it)
– wall-flower rain
– could be useful for abused children: a Toobaloo
– I thought this would be cool if the car were edited-out
– Today I’m thankful for a decent amount of sleep; though I’m not making much good use of the weekend.
– I’m thankful for the chance to buy a family their dinner.
– I’m thankful for I can get more sleep if I want.
– I’m thankful for the “philosophy of science” (And that’s all it [science] ever really is; remember that!)
– I’m thankful for Fix-a-Leak Week – coming-up

“64,999,999 firearms owners didn’t kill anyone at all yesterday” ~Chris Bridges

“Those who fail to take the time to be healthy will ultimately have to take the time to be sick.” ~Dr. James Chappell

– A youtube search “more blacks in prison than in” turned-up videos from 3 years ago, two years ago and one year ago. Here I thought this was some big news story.
– Dear youtube: Can I just look up ONE SINGLE reference to the gavotte without a resulting Riverdance-a-rama plastered to the startpage for the &#*@& week?!?!?!
– Aaannddd…. I think the people at work found this site; so, “hi!”
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