RE: I liked your vision board video, I thought the board was a little sparse, but that’s just the way I think they’re supposed-to-not-be. Hope it works well for you. IDK if I’ve made one or not, but I’ve thought about it semi-often. Maybe I will soon.
Idea 1: Find a friend, have them make one, then choose one of their goals, take it off their board & put it on yours to help them with it.
Idea 2: Instead of one picture for each goal, try to find a slightly larger, similar one too, then paste the smaller one in front of it; this partial-obscuring makes the subconscious mind dig deeper, (in theory).
Idea 3: I like the idea of using fewer words; pictures are quicker to glance at; also use things maybe you can touch & feel – make it multi-sensory.
P.S. You look amazingly like my sister! (In one of your pics) šŸ™‚
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for new food.
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for thoughts on coaching.
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for -34 degress … and partly-sunny!
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for gave my bro $20 for Christmas; the next day I got a $20 pizza card from him; I gave it to the needy.
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for little nook bookstore kitty-cats.
ā€“ Today Iā€™m thankful for a new subscriber; “Hello.” {waves, smiles, wonders why they subscribed}
– Found this neat pic of a manta ray flying several feet (a few meters) into the air! Having just gotten done watching a video of the psychology of Super Mario Bros. jumping, I started to wonder if this thing is really enjoying the new sensation of gravity!
– plot twist: the choreography is REAL!!
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