A “meh” day

Had a dream I was playing football with soem H.S. girls, (& guys). At one point, wasn’t sure if I should tackle [“touch”] one of the girls, so I just “daintily” picked her up, at arms-length, and body-slammed her!
Messed-up at work: parts came in backward; may’ve made a a diff. Anyway, I caught it before the whole shift sucked-buttermilk! (Probably should’ve caught it before then.) Spent the last 2/3 busting-butt… (not trying to catch-up), just felt like it. Had some dang-good ideas too: two decent jokes & improved my glance-scanning for bad parts down-to a third of the time! So I got that going for me.
two new jokes:
So two ducks walk into a bar; …what… that sounds hilarious to me!
They usually don’t say I’m “smart,” unless they’re using those air-quotes.
THIS IS SOMETHING LIKE SPARTA! http://imgur.com/gallery/eSi3Y6S
Cats 2: the horror http://imgur.com/gallery/bNDhVAS
dog gone? http://imgur.com/gallery/4NjBQzn
cool http://imgur.com/gallery/TPvUSbh

“yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds
e.e. cummings
“love is a place”
No Thanks (1935)


“If you want to ask where the flowers come from, even the gods of spring don’t know.”

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