spirituality, morality, et al.

– Was at work, kinda bored making simple pieces, my mind wandering a little, and I happened to think that this boredom might be a signal to start paying-attention-to, & being thankful for having a decent body & mind.
– Someone said the other day, it’s like Shakespeare’s plays were saying that life is a tragedy; what are you going to do about it? It was a surprising thought for me, cuz I’m usually thinking that only my life sucks & it should not be this way.
– Don’t know if y’all can see on my page(s) the pages that I “like” & comment-to. But this recent “like” has what I think is a really deep quote by a really helpful lady. (RIP) https://whiskeyburps.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/for-kayla/
– I recently heard a sentence or two on the radio about this guy who got beat-up pretty bad. He said that one of the culprits didn’t even remember doing it. It makes me wonder what kinds of things, (little & big), that we don’t even remember doing. What kind of people are we being – what kind of waves are we sending into other peoples’ lives that we’ll never remember making?
little girl, big pizza! http://imgur.com/gallery/6wToI2w
science! history! http://imgur.com/gallery/fNeC6ec
I think it’s one of those new FEMA “camps” http://imgur.com/gallery/goByg
I don’t think they defied death! http://imgur.com/gallery/YyhOc
– Today I’m thankful for: remembering dream bits & pieces.
– Today I’m thankful for: bought some stuff I been looking to get for a long time.
– Today I’m thankful for: hearing Maddie Ziegler on the radio! (How have I never heard such an incredible voice?!)
– Today I’m thankful for: my chocolate shake.
– Today I’m thankful for: books.

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