Neither here nor there

– Recently heard someone use the phrase “having seen the scene…” As an English-speaking person who knows this phrase may be confusing to someone trying to learn English, let me try to help: “a scene” is something that is “seen.”
– Ever walk into the kitchen or bedroom & forget why you went in there? Ever walk into a bathroom & forget why you’re there? No? Why is that?
– I watched a video by the mega-intelligent: Howard Bloom’s Big Bang Cosmology Science from The God Problem – The Big Bagel. I was very surprised to find that he didn’t really expulgate or implicate or exfoliate any kind of “first-cause.” Luckily others on youtube have pointed this out as well.
– Just wondering: How could there not be a stir caused when the lyrics “I will choose free-will” were sung? Is this not just circular-reasoning?!
– At times like this, I wonder about social psychology & fear even amongst competing teams Nothing but fear could let so many shots miss! And I’d especially like to meet any one of those players who mustered the courage to come back out of those locker rooms after half-time!!
– Felix Lanzalaco talks about Tony Wright’s theory of fruit nutrition & therefore wholesale human brain shortcomings, (a big “fall” for mankind).
“…the left side is functionally powerful in a self-referring manner….so why exactly is that a big problem?” Well, that could be a problem when the thin-slice of people who own & control billions (of dollars & people) decide that they should own even more; even though it may appear that it, as you say, “seeks peace when it can” …(when it can do-so through weapons-sales & public resource, [e.g. rainwater], personalization & monopolization.
“He uses scientific data…” but says that others’ science is invalid due-to left-hemisphere brain misfunction. That’s a good point, but I guess we all just do our best, he does seem to say that “we all” are fallible in such a way and need to be very aware of our worldview, & truthfully; if he were to try an otherwise set of non-logic, would we seriously entertain a single word of it?
Sorry – didn’t read the whole thing carefully – yet; got internet to do.
Where is the problem; we are currently living in a “pretty amazing world…” There’s a lot of speculation packed in there.
But importantly, “thank you” for your expert and honest (I hope) treatment of Tony & his information.
– ROFLMBO – gross; that little curly-cue at the end, though!!!
– cat really likes his bird seed
– let the bodies hit the 1-2-3-4….
– now show the “gun” section!
– note that you can zoom-in on these macro-pictures (kids may like these)
– Today I’m thankful for: extra sleep
– Today I’m thankful for: seeing people I know unexpectedly
– Today I’m thankful for: laughter
– Today I’m thankful for: a bit of exercise
– Today I’m thankful for: a bit of learning
– Today I’m thankful for: a good source of heat in winter.
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