links & thanks

– “Gravity,” sir. the other “up,” I.Q. 252, and descending…
– that kid needs a hug, and an appearance on a talk show (do that when she’s 18 – she’ll remember)
– awww; she doesn’t care
– Einstein reincarnated
– cat!!
– lol, that one’s been a long-time-coming
– ah, tradition
– “There’s going to be a mega slip-n-slide, stargazing hikes, pie eating contests, dance parties, presentations from NASA, stand up comedy, and much more.” (“… and much more” = wi-fi?)
– gaming in the ’40s.
– cat claws its way out of a door?
– now that’s one big bat!
– Today I’m thankful for: cleaning-up some, and going the the recycling place
– Today I’m thankful for: many ideas at work; though few written-down
– Today I’m thankful for: got over 1,000 parts made! [edit: mmm… forgot the counter was counting three clunks-per-part; I made a measly 333.3333333333 parts made.]
– Today I’m thankful for: got to use a hammer at work! (they frown upon that there)
– Today I’m thankful for: yesterday I had only one bad part at one of my stations! But the bad part came from the station before me. They’ll never know I did so well.
– Today I’m thankful for: Went to the bathroom to write down an big idea. Forgot my pen. Still remembered it.
– Today I’m thankful for: Remembering something I’ve been thinking about for years. You know that new Olympic sport snow-boarding, sometimes it looks like they’re doing a lot of flailing. I just thought they could take some lessons from the ice skaters & gymnasts in polishing-up their spins & such.
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