Bits and Pieces

– locked & loaded
– ROFL hair!
– cool – upvote it!
– date much
– plot twist: “But… you already know what I’m going to say”
– it’s dead & alive
– it’s probably really really sensitive right now!
– camera phones think for us now
– lol fire hydrant?
– don’t invade canada during the summer!
– nice
– are you kidding me. seriously.
– lol that first one’s true! (and wobbles can be good.)
– lol
– “Was that the primary buffer panel?”
– “Neil before me!!”
– tough gym
– carved it out of a single piece of…
– pit bull to the rescue!
– and “blade-mode” in 3…2…1…
– cool
– cries
– like:
– “good news, everyone!”
Well, this is only step-one; to alienate the other cloths who may harbor their hate for just a time more…
“Slaves, is what they turn out to be.” I’m thinking that in some small & very legal sense, they were slaves to begin with.

– I’m going to be an movie director. I’m going to make movies you’ve never dreampt of before; movies like: “The Godfather: Part-Deux”
“…Europeans tended to link the absence of clothing to sexuality”
But why stop at just “sex”? “White” is what we make of our own race, “smiling” is what we make of smiling; some societies put a lot of religious discussion into “breathing.” But in reality, all these things mix into an incomrehensible blob that no word or amount of words could describe; we, like all mathematicians, only guestimate & mumble, “meh, close-enough.”

– I’m thankful for:
Driving to work remembering some musician guy saying he had to give three interviews that day, and his friend says, No, you get to give three interviews.” SO I thought to myself, “No, I get to stop and wait for this guy at the stop-sign. Then I thought, “No, I get to stop and wait for this stop-light.” And just-as-suddenly thought, “Aaand I get to stop and wait againnn!!!” Happy happy joy joy
Thankful for: More snow! (They promised!)
Thankful for: An idea for a training video on how not-to-work on your first few days: So here we have our worker-bee hamming-it-up, having a good time, tossing-up parts and catching them behind his back, when just as he tosses one more into the air & his boss comes around the corner & screams in surprise, “Macklebee!” And so the part flies flipping into the air, then knocking-over a stack of parts into a wall of parts over onto a parked truck which rolls down a hill; a plane falls; a baby cries; a giant asteroid bends in toward the sure tug of Earth’s gentle gravit…
Thankful for: someone willing to buy the same snack I had tried while mine was caught helplessly in the snack machine.
Thankful for: rushing to the car to get in out of the cold wind; get in, sit down… wait to close the door while I breathe-in the crisp clean cold air & listen for a few moments to the silence.
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