Can I still party like it’s 1999? (just wondering)

– Recently watched a couple MacGyver episodes… ugh… may never watch again… in fact, I may never even say his name again. 😦
– Aren’t YOU a patriot!?
– WHAA! genius!
(the rest are ok too)
– pretty-good time for a helmet!!!!
– okay; now do that 13-times.
– lol, that very last one … not sure if she’s a little worried.
– ROFL, “dad”
– “The string forms a triangle below South Africa.” He quoted me BEFORE I EVEN SAID IT! Illuminati confirmed INDEED!
– imagine what that stuff does to your intestines
– BUT… BUT… Oh, ok. Be cool with your life, man.
– Your govm’t & science
– sob story
– Canada attacks!
for a friend
– Do they even need a microphone at this point?
– back of hair flies in the wind; front of hair does not??
– dog helps
– Work was “fun” [SWIDT?, hehe] Was making parts & decided to count like The Count from Sesame Street! Made-it up to 25. (Too-bad we don’t make big sheets of metal so I could make thundery-sounds!)
– Every once in awhile I think about the lyrics: “Lady on the street, but a freak in the bed.” So that’s basically being two-faced about it?
– Lars Andersen!! Archer!!
– laser-etched hydrophobic metal!
– Sun 25th Jan, 2015 … Opposite Day