work & work & play

Pretty hard work day; working very fast. It’s interesting that sometimes when you keep telling yourself to try & go faster & faster & a little faster your body will automatically do something that speeds-up the process, & you’ll be like, “what was that?” And sometimes you gotta use yer brain; like, I have a slow machine, so I decided to start part of the machine process before my part was in it. It helps. It took me about 20-minutes of testing & rewiring my timing/action from when I had that idea to when I thought it was going well.
Boss’s boss said I did really well. Only made 14 mistakes; and only one of them slipped through to inspection.
Had an interesting idea about “psychopaths/sociopaths & the anterior cingulate cortex & jokes/literal-reality;” as well as an interesting idea about dating.
Overtime is tiring: 14 hours, then 13 hours, then 13 hours, etc! I started feeling the wave-motion in the concrete floor about day-four.
Did some part part process [sic] I’d never done before; happened to think about half-way through it that maybe they needed to laterally-mirror each other! It’s a good thing I thought that, they did need to.

– bad-drivers were out en-mass yesterday – three of them specifically!
– cool
– yeah, I’ve been kissed like that
– if you don’t know, don’t ask
– dog
– sweet pic
– cool science
– I do so miss schhol
– it sees you done-right!
– Nov. 5-12 fireball meteors

he sees:
she sees:

– never punch a polar bear in the face!
– more real superheroes
– dog, well, “meant well”
– well that de-escalated quickly
– dog is “sooo happpeeee”
– what did you think was gonna happen here?

I thought-up another not-art thing: Imagine a picture of a guy with a beard like Uncle Sam, and a suit like Uncle Sam; maybe he’s his brother cuz he looks like Uncle Sam too. Anyway, he’s laying on a psychiatrist’s couch, and the psychiatrist is looking at his notes & saying, “It looks like you’ve got a bit of a Military-Industrial Complex.”

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