Kept thinking

Kept thinking of some quote about the things you think are funny will tell a lot about you. Kept wondering if I should be feeling guilty of some of the things I laugh at; then thought: “Anything’s funny if you’re sufficiently removed from it & sufficiently tied to it.” So I got that going for me.

– now that yellow sticker gives me an idea!!
– lol
– actually I call it “the universe” sometimes
– wintry wind
– cats?
– art
– 0
– courageous
– cows & cows & …. dogs?
– cute
– lol, Bert
– will it happen?
– In Soviet Russia,
– neat music

Job’s not always boring: sometimes there’s extra details & prior mistakes to be looking for; or if you’re trying to keep your own rate up while training new ppl & keeping an eye on their work too.

Ever forgotten something slightly important for a day – like, say, “football practice”? Ever wonder just how many semi-important-to-“really important things” you’ve completely forgotten for, like twenty years? I keep wondering what little box of memories is soon just gonna slide out from underneath my bed;.

– coming soon… 21st Jan, 2015 … Hugging Day