New Title

– real slow day at work; maybe a few hunderd parts, (maybe 390-something – something in the high 90s… I’m guessing a solid 393); plus two brand-new parts!!
– all those trillions of dollars & still they sit on the ground
ummm, read that one again
– Watching this show about crazy German super weapons; apparently they dug three-hundred-and-fifty foot-long tunnels …& something about half a ton bomb… which half they don’t say!
They mention Hitler’s beginning to take more personal time-off during the war. I wonder if the current president, with his penchant for taking vacation after vacation, might take a much-needed staycation.
Neat: talk to your kids about whether this picture is real or not.
– catergory: “not-art” Had an idea for a drawing in a dream last night… just several Jedi knights huddled around their light sabers, which were all leaning up against each other looking like a camp-fire.